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UN-Mexican Cartels And Chinese Are Provoking a Border War Says Mexican Oil Official

UN Mexico

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Main Article By Dave Hodges

As another alt media reporter, Dave has been exposing and reporting news you will NEVER hear in MSM since 2012, and has some very trusted sources.

Since the Central America illegal alien invasion of 5 summers ago, he began getting emails from Mexican citizens and others throughout Central America. Specifically, he’d often hear from an oil and gas official who works for PEMEX.

One of the constant themes that ties together all three is their distress of having to live in a totally compromised society, similar to the one that Obama was trying to construct in the United States as the Deep State continues his work.

In America, we can choose to not see the blatant criminality of organized crime (e.g. HSBC bank) and corrupt public officials. However, in Mexico, the rampant criminality is in your face… criminality in Mexico is what people face on a daily basis and many live in fear.

Knowing how to deal with these variables is a necessary part of daily survival. I hear from a Mexican oil and gas official on a weekly basis as he provides very lucid commentary related to many of my stories.

On January 10, 2017, “Oscar” wrote to me with the following information which is now highly relevant based upon what I am learning. I originally published the following communication on January 13, 2017.

Dear Mr. Hodges,

…. like many Mexican families, I have relatives in the drug cartels. Many of the people in the cartels have nothing to do with the drugs. Some are used for violence against uncooperative officials. Some are used to become police officers and join the military and they are paid for information. 

I have learned from two of my relatives that several of the cartel members are headed north to the American border for “revenge” and the streets will be bloody. I have heard this talk before and it is just silly bragging. I think this is different this time. 

One of my cartel relatives told my uncle that “We are going to do what you cannot do” when referencing “going north”. The same relative told me that the failure of my company to keep the gas flowing is going to get a lot of people killed. 

America is going to get blamed from my people for the problems here and the desire to kill as many Americans as possible is being openly discussed. I hear people say that your people cannot drive their cars if they are dead. I have never seen so much hate your country. 

I read your articles on most days and I think that violence at the border could be used to affect your inauguration. I know you worry about that.

Some of the cartel members also live a double life in the Mexican military and in police departments. If these people go north there could be big trouble 

My country needs a good America for Mexico to survive. Our economy is totally dependent on your economy. What I fear is going to happen is very bad for both countries. If violence happens gas will stop flowing and I will lose my job. Many more people will join the cartels. There will be great violence. 

What you have said about my country pivoting towards China in this energy crisis is true. I did not think that was true but I am seeing it happen now. We are seeing more Chinese visiting our field and plant operations. 

Our government  leaders seem to be very quiet during this time and I am not the only one to notice this. It makes me wonder what they know. I already know too much please keep my name and where I live secret. 

I have come to believe that this is a parallel operation to the Russian delusion and the now the Ukrainian mythical crime committed by President Trump and these actions are being coordinated by the same people with the same agenda. On one hand we are witnessing the takedown of the government inside the United States and Oscar’s company is assisting Mexico/China in preparing to attack the United States. 

Last night, I heard from “Oscar”. He initiated a Skype contact after sending me the following email dated November 9, 2019 at 1:14AM.

UN Mexico

Dear Mr. Hodges,

I sent you a Skype contact. I hope you will accept. There is so much going on that I want to share with you, I feel that Skype may be safer to communicate rather than email. 

The Chinese are dictating policy to our oil company. We have Chinese managers that we must now report to and get approval for various line decisions. I feel we have crossed over into becoming one of the BRICS that you have written about so many times. We are permitted to interact with the States but much of our oil is being sent to China. They are paying in gold, or gold based currency. I hear that bitcoin is coming.

As I have told you in the past, my family has members who are in the cartels but you could say that all of us are in the cartels. Some of the cartel members tell me how the Chinese are controlling their operations much they are in my company. I feel like we are becoming the puppet state of China. 

Here is the main reason that I am writing to you this time. Since I last wrote to you in May, we have shifted the nature of our production. We are in what is a war model of operations. 

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has promised to boost Pemex’s budget and raise output and we have done that. Some senior officials have been a paid a big bonus for accomplishing this. But following refinement, the handling of the oil is very strange.

Much of it is being set aside and the distribution of the oil is much different than it has been before. Some of our accountants will privately state that the oil is being sent to the Chinese domestic operations within Mexico. I am saying that China has military in this country.

This is where my family cartel members have information. We are also sending oil for new vehicles in use by the cartels. I have learned from my cousins that some of the cartels are stealing vehicles from Mexican people and then converting these vehicles into military vehicles. The most common conversion consists of turning pickup trucks into troop personnel carriers armed with 50 caliber machine guns. One of my cousins jokes that he has increased his killing potential. 

This is what I think you will be interested in. I have learned that Pemex has built local oil storage facilities in several northern areas and they are keeping it secret.

I have learned that the National Guard is involved in this. I can only think of one reason. A mobile army is being built in the northern part of Mexico and they are planning to attack the United States.

I have enough evidence to state that the Chinese are behind this. I know that you will understand what I am saying because you have said that the Chinese control cartel drug businesses. This is partially true. The government still controls much of the illegal part of the business. What I wonder about now is how much of our government is controlled by the Chinese. 

In another area, some fellow workers tell me that we are openly talking about freeing California from the imperialistic control of  President Trump.

As I said we are increasing oil production and it feels like we are going to war and the cartels will be on the front lines. I believe this is true because about 3 weeks ago, we had a visit for a demonstration of production from the Chinese but also from people who were identified as United Nations.

As you know I read everything you write and you had said about 6 months ago that United Nations was training our new National Guard. I think where this is leading is that Mexico is a puppet state of the Chinese who are associated with the United Nations. I think this will finally result in border confrontation leading to what you have said many times about a Red Dawn invasion. I keep meaning to ask you about the term why it is used to describe an invasion of the United States. 

I apologize for the long email. But I think all of this is related to the killing of those Americans. I think the cartels are acting as agents of the Chinese and trying to provoke a war at the border.

My wife and me are thinking about leaving Mexico. If we do this to your country, your military will destroy my country and we have no defense. Our military is trained to protect the drug industry but it is not capable of standing up to your military. 

If I could arrange a translator with a former employee would you like to interview them? They know about the oil distribution to northern Mexico that I mentioned earlier.  Please let me know and please accept my Skype request for contact.  


Mexican police departments in places like Juarez stood down and went into hiding on 11/7 because they feared a war breaking out at the border. 

We are close to war and at the heart of this entire plot are the people from the Calexit movement as they represent a revolutionary interest in these matters. Stay tuned, there is much more to come. 

About the Author

Steve Allen
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