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Time When Lawlessness Increases And Evil Abounds


We’re living in a time when


is increasing exponentially……. it seems like evil is everywhere and our privacy and security are becoming a thing of the past.

The country is more divided than we’ve ever seen in the history of this country and the rest of the world is being taken over by those who want to govern as a small group of authoritarian



We’re witnessing a time in our history where the “perverse, the immoral and the ungodly” are pushing their agendas to usurp humanity and life itself.

To say that we live in a Godless society today is not a stretch or an exaggeration at all. We live in a very

evil time.


Mattel’s Aristotle

The FBI is warning about spy toys that you get for your children and that your children are now at great risk… Some of these new toys and playthings can record your children’s conversations, track their movements, reveal their location and even allow perverts to talk directly to them.

Some of these new toys have sensors, cameras and microphones to record your child’s words and GPS locators to track where they are.

Mattel’s Aristotle is going to be the Amazon Echo for kids….

The popular doll my friend Cayla has been accused of recording children’s words. Imagine the shock from grandparents who bought an educational alphabet toy for their grandchild and it actually shouted out the f word

You better do your research and find out which toys can spy, record or track your children…..

My Friend Cayla Dolls

They say hackers could also hack into these toys and talk to kids or spy on them without their parents knowledge. Evil in your home without you even knowing it was there.

It’s also because of the lawlessness in this country that this will be the most unproductive Congress in 164 years, according to the article in The Week.

This isn’t a Republican against Democrat fight….. this is a fight for control by the globalists to gain back full control over the people of America.

They lost it in the election and they didn’t expect to, so they’re pulling out all the stops now to try and reverse the damage. For them it’s not about what’s best for the people of America, it’s about what is best for their agenda…

An article in The State, talks about why don’t Millennials like capitalism…….. Well, it’s not just capitalism they don’t like, it’s why do they like the opposite side that the anarchists are pushing so militantly?

A stunning 2016 Harvard University survey of young people between the ages of 18 and 29 found that 51% said “we don’t support capitalism.” The millennial support for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary was proof of that.

Here’s why… during the Obama years the 18 to 29 age group heard nothing except countless presidential speeches railing against the evils of crony capitalism. Obama pounded it into their heads how evil capitalism was.

lawlessnessObama told these impressionable young voters that if only the rich pay more taxes everyone would be better off. But, he never did tell them that his tax and spend policies produced the worst stagnant economy and little opportunity for those same young people.

The Obama agenda also attacked personal responsibility. He preached universal rights and the politics of victimhood……

Not to mention he preached more about racism than we’ve ever heard from any president in America’s history.

He set this young generation up of Millennials to fail well, making sure to line his pockets at every opportunity. That’s the globalist way. And then we have a bunch of brainwashed parents in today’s world, who do everything for their children and shield them from learning life’s hard lessons.

They send them off to universities that produce an oversupply of white-collar soft science and humanities majors…… and so when they come out….. most have no marketable skills.

Being highly educated in these left wing “higher education cesspools,” they end up working at Starbucks waiting tables or living in Mom’s basement…… No wonder they end up being cynical about the benefits of hard work and free enterprise.

The curriculum of these universities and “pillars of higher education” are rooted in “anti-capitalist, socialist philosophies,” that paint free enterprise as inherently unfair.

And our founding principles of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech are under constant attack on politically correct University campuses across America.

But, this is the way the globalists can take control and kill the human Spirit of America….. We’re witnessing lawlessness in the last days.


Do Nothing Congress

The truth is, capitalism and free enterprise have proven to be the key to prosperity and reducing Global poverty and inequality… not socialism and welfare.

We’ve got high courts defying the federal government and constitutionality of the president. This is lawlessness.

Standing up against the Constitution and saying, “no we will not comply”……… we’ve got state Governors saying, “no we will not comply… we will not obey your law or the constitutional laws.” This again is just plain lawlessness.

This supreme act of rebellion against everything that’s lawful and everything that’s constitutional according to America’s founders, shows you the level of lawlessness against a once law abiding people and country that rejected lawlessness and evil, for a higher society of respect and decency.

The facade of a democratic country founded on Democratic principles has now been “unveiled and exposed” for what it really is…. a country that was controlled by the globalists and the corporate elites. Their efforts to move it in that direction even more, was quickly and suddenly derailed when a man named Donald J. Trump was elected to do the will of the American people.

Mainstream media are some of the guiltiest parties, working endlessly in collusion with this new world order globalist mindset to stifle and conceal the evil behind the scenes of these “pedophiles, perverts and luciferian occult members.”

Their goal of regaining control they recently had is reaching a point where, even creating a war may be necessary. They have no problem with geoengineering to depopulate this earth and make it more manageable in their opinion. This is so far beyond most people’s comprehension.

What does the bible say about lawlessness in the last days? Jesus said, “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” Matthew 24:12

globalistWhere will it all end?

It will end in much sorrow, many deaths and ultimately a planet nearly unlivable for most people with any conscience or heart. We are truly living in a time when lawlessness is increasing and Evil is abounding…..

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  1. The Vermon globalists have judges and prosecutors in their pockets along with traitors in the military. There’s no way to prosecute them so I believe civil war is imminent worldwide.

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