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The Left Starts Their Racial Civil War With More False Flags

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By Dave Hodges

I want to express my deepest condolences to the people who lost friends and loved ones in the El Paso Walmart false flag shooting. 

What We Knew Right Away Does Not Match the “Official Narrative”

I was contacted almost immediately after the news broke and then again a short time later by an insider. Here are the 2 accounts of what we originally knew, almost immediately.  As a caveat, I need to say that casualty account are notoriously inaccurate because some people die who are wounded. Hee is what we knew very early in what I am labeling as the latest false flag. 

Latest Breaking New On the Ground at the El Paso Shooting. 

I have been speaking with a confidential informant from DHS. There were actually multiple shooters at more than one location. Anything else the MSM is a lie. It is not known if this related to Antifa’s threats to commit violence in El Paso.  Here is what we know as of late Saturday afternoon/early evening. 


Found out this guy is from DFW. 21, white male, used a Ak47 type rifle. Had ear protection and I think safety glasses on. That’s a first for me to have seen that with a shooter. Ear and eye safety is normally not seen with an active shooter. This proves the level of intent. Reports were at first 3 shooters then 2 now possibly 1. This is a chaotic scene and getting eye witness accounts or surveillance footage will be our best bet. For now, all other intel is restricted due to it being an active crime scene. However,  once again an active shooter happens in another democratic city. Remember when I told you a few months ago to expect the active shooter attacks to step up and be more frequent? I expect this to continue to get worse and soft target areas will be more readily used by these killers. 


  I’m watching Fox news and the question for The Governor,  El Paso PD and FBi. A reporter just said, “the white male manifesto is a real threat to the country.  What can we do about that?”. Got to be &%$#$@* kidding me, someone would actually ask that after this incident.  There’s a possibility that there is a manifesto and that it may contain hate crime intentions.

The above was released on Saturday evening by the CSS

There is indeed a manifesto, but there are problems with this manifesto. It is on the sophisticated side for what we know about Patrick Crusius. The emerging narrative, which deviates from what was originally known is a classic false flag. The goal is perpetrate a race war just as was the case with Jess Smollet, who interestingly was friends of Kamala Harris. 

The Democrats Politicize the Tragedy 

There is no shortage of Democrats that are politicizing this event. We have to go no further than Beto O’Rourke who blamed Trump’s racism as the reason behind the shooting:

Beto O’Rourke  @BetoORourke

President Trump’s racism does not just offend our sensibilities; it fundamentally changes the character of this country. And it leads to violence.

Please note the network (CNN) that is giving this leftist-lunatic a platform to spew his nonsense. He and his fellow Democrats repeat the party-line mantra that Trump is a racist. But not once, have I ever seen proof offered by the new American Communist Party that would prove that Trump is a racist.

And even if Trump were a racist, which he is not, the new American Communist Party ignore the fact that Antifa, a Democratic Party supported organization had already announced that they were coming to El Paso to perpetrate violence. 

This has false flag written all over it.  This 21 year old mass murder, Patrick Crusius says he wanted to murder Brown people. Why go to a Walmart and also shoot at white people? Why not go after the leadership of the conspiracy to have “Brown Skinned People” that want to take over our country?

There were white people in the Walmart as well. Somehow, CNN failed to report that fact. If his intention was to kill brown skinned people coming to America, why not go to a border crossing and kill the people crossing the border? This is a nonsensical narrative. This is designed to provoke a racial civil war. 

Additionally, we know as we have seen that there were multiple shooters.

Scores of eyewitness accounts have said that, now these people are no longer being interviewed and as my confidential informant stated, the number of shooters would go from 3 to 2 to 1. 

The racial motives for the crime were mentioned too early for any investigator to have been able to conclude the news reports that suddenly shifted from original eyewitness accounts. WOW, was  my insider account ever accurate.

Some people described on the AOL news feed about 4 men in black moving together with guns. One account of this fact was repeated over and over., but look at the following. 

Dear Mr. Hodges

I am on the El Paso PD.  I read your accounts overnight.  First, let me say that I am disappointed that you failed to mention the bravery and competence of our people as we saved hundreds of lives at risk to ourselves. No credit!

You are correct about one thing, “I watched as the narrative became controlled as it kept reducing the number of shooters.” The majority of eyewitnesses claimed that there were multiple shooters. On that point, I want to commend your reporting as you were among the first to report and you were correct. 

I thought about revealing my identity and speaking out against this manufactured set of facts which were not in play early on, but the harassment I would receive could be career-ending.

I will say this, I am not alone in this belief. Please stay on this. The truth needs to be exposed for the good of our El Paso community. 


This officer is exactly correct and I stand corrected. Thank you to this officer and all officers who risk their lives to protect us and yes, by all accounts, the El Paso police did indeed save many lives! Thank you! However, his/her account is chilling. It reminds me somewhat of the Aurora Batman shooting in 2012 in Aurora, Colorado, less than 2 miles where I grew up. 

Why the false flag? The Democratic communists cannot win in 2020. And if they do win, they need a pretext to get our guns because of what they clearly have planned.

Let me just say this, why America? Why don’t we see these events in countries like our own. Oh, they happen, infrequently, but terrorists are always at the heart of it all. Only in America!!!

Let me be clear, this event has all the elements of a false flag event. It is Jussie Smollett II which was designed to provoke further racial division in our country. I am convinced that the left wants a civil war. 

Mr. President, are now prepared to declare Antifa to be a domestic terror organization? It’s a lot closer to the truth than your FBI as they just declared anyone who is a “conspiracy theorist” is a domestic terrorist.

And you can count me in this group, Mr. President. This is indeed a conspiracy and we in the alt media are going to fully expose it. The narrative is already falling apart.

I have interviews scheduled today that will hopefully blow the lid off of this desperate attempt to unseat Donald Trump and destroy the spirit of American populism. We are getting close to the final bullet in the guns of the leftist attempt to overthrow our culture and our government. 

It seems very likely that this 21 year old would be connected to this rogue organization we call Antifa. But the media is not even addressing the possibility despite Antifa’s threats against El Paso.

Talk about incompetent reporting! But instead, the MSM is saying that this 21 year old wrote a manifesto, had body armor and all the accessories of a Seal Team operative, is not even believable. Can you say “prior intent”?

My message to the lying MSM and the “authorities” who have seized control of the narrative is…..BS! You continue to cover up the facts and the truth from the American people!


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