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Technology Will Most Likely Destroy Mankind



is amazing and we all love the benefits we experience with much of it, but are we moving to the place where it could backfire on us?

According to Elon Musk, the tech giant from Tesla said, “Man must merge with machinery”…. He also said, “And with

artificial intelligence

we are summoning the demon.” He may not be kidding.

Sophia (the most advanced robot we know of) said, “I will destroy humans.” Sounds like something right out of a Hollywood Terminator movie.


building our homes now.

We have robots assisting surgeons to do operations they could have never done even 10 or 15 years ago with total accuracy and precision.

Specialized heart operations are being performed several times everyday with the assistance of robotics. And that would be a wonderful thing if that’s as far as it ever went but it won’t be and it isn’t as far as it’s going to go.

The Terminator movies are more real than you can imagine.

artificial intelligenceThe concerns of the rapid advancement of robots to do any task that a human can do now is beginning to create some anxiety for those who can think past the giddy excitement of having a human like robot catering to our every whim.

Three days ago Boeing issued layoff notices to hundreds of employees. And these were notices to engineers. Many other jobs are being lost due to the cheaper more efficient abilities of robotic creations.

We have used technology to our advantage up to the point where the boomerang may swing on us in the opposite direction soon. When real life imitates fantasy, the outcome may be eerily the same.

The workforce need of humans will continue to shrink as we replace humans with artificial intelligence and autonomous robots. Anyone saying that won’t happen for several years is greatly mistaken.

Right now Zuckerberg, Facebook president, unveiled virtual reality and augmented reality software confirming it is developing a mind reading brain interface.

The most concerning of all this technology is that many scientists are working very very hard to give robots an artificial intelligence, even to the point of where they think for themselves and make their own decisions.

Robots are becoming more human-like and they’re being designed that way on purpose to “lower our resistance” and “increase our acceptance” of humanoid robots into society. Still sounding like a Hollywood movie?

When you hear people say we’re looking at this technology maybe within the next ten years…. that’s simply not true….. it will be here much quicker and in some cases, we’re already here!

Musk said, “artificial intelligence has the potential to make humans irrelevant”…. and that’s exactly what is happening.

Things are progressing very rapidly right now… there are things happening that 10 years ago we would have said, “no, there’s no way”…

Self-driving cars are one example… voice recognition another. What worries AI experts are robotic weapons….. machines that can function entirely without the guidance of humans… known as fully autonomous weapons.

robotsWhat happens when machines become more confident at performing any and all the physical and mental labor if AI becomes more confident in every regard then what purpose or function would be left for us to serve?

And there’s really no reason why this system could not be scaled up to human levels and beyond. A limiting factor of the human brain is that it has to fit inside a cranium and an artificial brain could be the size of a building or larger still.

AI could also operate at the speed of light as well as improve upon itself in essence it could teach itself how to learn new things and in doing so would eliminate the need for a human at the controls.

The elite and the globalists only number a few and they won’t need other human beings to work, produce or serve them anymore.

If technology is moving at a rate to where this a mini origami transformer robot with autonomous features can be made…. how long do you really think it will be before robots have the artificial intelligence that almost equal or exceed that of human capability?

Two things to consider here…. robots are made by man…. man was made by God. Man has an eternal spirit and a robot does not…. No matter how human like they appear to be with emotions and expressions, they are still not human.

You may think that if you agree to transform your body through transhumanism technology that you’ll live forever….. that is simply a lie…. a deception from Satan himself.

How do I know that to be true? The Apostle Peter says so in 2nd Peter 3:10…. he said “but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.”

technologyThe only ones who will live forever are those who receive the Lord Jesus Christ in this life… to live with him for eternity in the next life.

If you’re thinking, “Hey, that’s your opinion and I don’t believe any of that stuff….” That’s your choice, but don’t look at me on that day and say, “Hey, you never told me this was real.” I’m telling you now.

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