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America The Dying

We have very little time to prepare for what is going to happen in America. To you and your family.

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Google YouTube Waging WAR On Independent Media

Independent media pioneer SGTReport is now the latest victim of the Google YouTube “demonetization” censorship attack that’s explicitly targeting alternative media. My YouTube channel “Think About It” has also fallen victim to the Google –…


Lawless Strong Arm Final Effort

Well here we go again in this final push by the Lawless of this country in their strong-arm effort to stop Donald Trump… they’ve come out in full force. They’re arrogant, they’re cocky, they’re pseudo…

lawless left

Lawless Left Lashing Out From Desperation

I’ve never seen the “lawless left” lashing out from desperation more than we’re witnessing it now! During the election and now after the election. All the “talking heads” of the lawless left were lied to…