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  1. Hi Steve
    I understand how frustrating it is when the sheeple who listen/watch the mainstream media hear about the truth from us, as they listen in unbelieve and then the mouth starts moving uttering the famous words of how deranged our views and how we are spreading fake news. Don’t give up Steve God has stated that we shall endure to the end. It’s like the seeds that were sowed in the bible parables , so is it with the truth my friend. There are more and more people waking up Steve.
    Keep put out the videos Steve. You are doing great work and I do forward them. I rarely get feedback, but that’s ok.i am also trying to get a group of people together to talk to our political leaders for answers to questions like where is the carbon tax money going and what about disarming us Canadians , is it fear of what you positions are doing that you need our guns. Also pedaphilia and murder of our prime minister of people that get in the way.
    Then also financing other Muslim countries and people with our tax dollars , while we have Canadians with passports living on the streets and need help;.
    It’s a global problem , political made with a agenda behind it all.
    Unfortunately we have women that vote a prime minister in to power, because he looks good, without looking for moral values.
    And again who else do we have else, they are all carved from the simuliert wood and are globalists. We here in Canada need to make Canada great again too, but our male population or many of them live in fear of speaking out , or what their wife’s think. Many of our men have lost their balls and live in fear. It is unbelievable what this political correctness has done to us all and there is fear everywhere where one looks.
    And the looks when one asks them to stand up and save our country Together as united we are strong and divided we are lost and in slaved.
    God bless you Steve and you are a God send for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  2. Steve, I appreciate what you are trying to do and keep you in my prayers. Like you,reading the scriptures, I came to the awareness that the pre-trib teaching is a lie. Further, the teaching of this lie has led to millions being deceived and to an almost totality of the church being emasculated. How can an army be formed with the concept of being evacuated before the main battle. The other teaching that has decimated the church is once saved always saved. The church is full of leaders who have sold their soul for worldly gain and those in the pews are convinced that since that man once had a relationship with the Lord he must still have that power. See 2nd Peter 2:20 and either Hebrews 6:4 or 4:6(I can’t remember which) and see the fate of these who reject Christ.

  3. Hi Steve,

    My name is Michael from London UK
    thanks for your great videos and faith in Christ.

  4. COLVENA ZOLLER | October 13, 2020 at 10:57 am |

    Dear Steve
    Truly enjoyed your last video “America: Will you stand or be destroyed”, so much it upset me n shared it on FB.
    I had a feeling about the mask. How more dangerous it is to our bodies. I have volunteered my opinions about it. That the covid is a deadly FLU like any other flu, but they don’t take me seriously. The lies about the total death from covid is NOT 200+ millions but less than 10thousands. What a damn sham!n shame All for the control of We the People. And we LISTEN JUS like the fool’s that we are. The panic over this virus is incredible. As for Fauci, he s/b imprisoned for his part, n obama, gates etc. People are still listening to the MSM. They refuse to seek other voices that don’t know each other but mentions the same information. Than there has to be some truth behind the story, right. So do you have any suggestions how to bring this truth forward. I know only to share it on social media. I can only pray it forward…w Faith I know our Heavenly Father will spark people’s inquitive minds to open your videos. Thanks again Steve for all you do to Wake America Up AGAIN!

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