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Same Fraud, Same Fauci, Same Playbook From 1983

fauci fraud

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Original Article By Ethan Huff

America’s fakest “doctor,” Anthony Fauci, has a disease. And that disease is demarcated by a fear of other human beings, a fear of intimacy, and a narcissistic desire to impose these fears on everyone else in the name of “disease prevention,” a schtick he has been peddling for more than 40 years. (Listen to him in his own words as he loves to use the SAME wording and “phraseology” he’s always used to sound scientifically brilliant.) And confuse you, the listener.

It was the year 1983, in fact, when Fauci gave the following interview about the alleged AIDS virus, in which he claimed that casual contact such as a hug or handshake might pass it between friends and family members. Sound familiar?

If it does, that is because Fauci is still fear-mongering like this today. Fauci has been in the business of fear-mongering for about half a century, it turns out, constantly hyping up the latest “virus” while trying to scare people into fearing other people as if everyone else is some kind of walking disease vector. But now he has Bill Gates funding his “FEAR FACTORY.”

Watch for yourself below to see how Fauci loved to grandstand, as he still does today, about what he thinks he knows about viruses:

As you will clearly see, Fauci loved to hear himself talk back then just as he does today. And just like today, Fauci back then loved to talk in circles using fancy-sounding words while saying pretty much nothing of actual substance.

“This syndrome has been evolving over the past several months,” Fauci fearmongered back in ’83 about AIDS. “It seems that as every month, or even week, goes by, we learn a little bit more about how it can go out of its original epidemiological constraints.”

“Early on, as you know, the disease was felt to be limited to the male homosexual community and then IV drug users, and then we began to see that groups like Haitians, hemophiliacs, the implications of possible transmission by blood transfusions.”

Fauci lied about AIDS, and now he is lying about coronavirus

Okay, so what happened next, you might be asking? Not much. The AIDS virus that Fauci spoke about in ’83 never actually materialized in the way he said it would – just like the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) of today has never materialized like he said it would.

“When you have a situation that we’re seeing here … in which children, household contacts, of either individuals with AIDS or individuals at high risk for AIDS, have indeed at least a significant number of them have what looks like a syndrome that’s identical to AIDS syndrome, that tells you that it’s quite possible that just intimate contact outside of the sexual contact, blood transmission route is a possible mechanism whereby this disease can be transmitted,” Fauci stated erroneously.

“The implications for the spread to even other groups besides infants and childrens [sic] become something that needs to be reckoned with. I think it’s going to have a major impact on our thinking about what the real confines of this syndrome will be.”

When asked specifically how AIDS is able to transfer, Fauci responded with, “Just the ordinary close contact that one sees in normal interpersonal relationships.”

Is that true? Of course not. But when has Fauci ever said anything true? Pretty much never.

We just thought you should know this. Take a few minutes to watch the video above, or at least as much of it as you can stomach. The constant tongue-flipping and robotic repetition of words from the guy is painful, but hearing and seeing it will quickly remind you why you should never listen to a word this psychopath has to say because all he has ever been is wrong, not to mention corrupt.

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  1. Your right Steve. I turned it off before half way. Like I said before, he should hang for HIGH TREASON and War Crimes Against humanity. If you ever were President of the USA. How would you handle Fauci and Bill Gates. I would definitely use the Nuremberg Code against them for sure since they violated all 10 codes. Anyway that’s my feelings about it. I know as much as we like to hang him, he will face a much worse fate from Adonai Elohim’s wrath.
    God bless you and yours always Steve and Shalom be with you. Amen.

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