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President Trump, Peter Strzok And Lisa Page Preceed The Fate Of America


FBI brass,

Peter Strzok

is a man who has lived a compromised life. Peter Strzok was raised by a rogue CIA operative who was into some very deep “black ops.” He was well-trained from his childhood days on the “ins and outs” of the profession.

The story in the mainstream media outlets is that Peter Strzok exchanged 53,000 text messages with

Lisa Page

in just over a year. Here’s what the media never told you… and what they will never do.

The MATH… Do the math. When did they ever have a chance to consummate their affair? That is an average of 145 text messages per day.

It’s hard to even fathom the so-called illicit affair when one is sending over 17 text messages per hour during work day hours.

The truth is, Strzok and Page did not send the majority of these text messages to each other.

If Peter Strzok and Page didn’t send the majority of the text messages, then who did, and for what purpose?

Peter StrzokThe sheer math of this phenomenon is suspicious and distressing because NO one in media is raising this question. In order to pursue the answer to this question, Dave Hodges had two conversations with a couple of contacts and asked the same question.

Dave exposed some of the nefarious legal activities of Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein’s wife, Lisa Barsoomian. Barsoomian used a National Institutes email when, in fact, she never represented the agency.

Barsoomian is a US attorney who had represented all of the Deep State actors from Hillary to Comey to Mueller.

Why use the NIH email? Because it would throw investigators off of the path as to what she was really up to, since nobody would think to search the NIH database for email.

This is a typical Barsoomian strategy to evade the prying eyes of FOIA and she’s all too familiar with the process since she served as a FOIA shot blocker when she represented FBI interests.

Taking a lesson from Barsoomian’s email concealment, it’s clear that the publicly released text messages are only the tip of this iceberg. This belief is bolstered by the fact that the majority of the 53,000 messages are stored in some unknown “foreign server”, speaks to the clandestine and damaging character of these “missing” text messages.

Allegedly, these missing text messages cannot be accessed by Congress. Do you notice the same pattern as the missing Clinton emails?

The text message between Peter Strzok and Page, in which they said they were working to block Trump’s Presidency, was likely planted to satisfy Congress as well as the public that justice was finally coming.

What a load of lies and the fact that the media is not questioning the validity of this bravo sierra, shows the abject complicity in this plot in a “hear no evil..see no evil.. approach”.

We’re supposed to believe that former top FBI lawyer Lisa Page was stupid enough to put something that treasonous into a text? This makes no sense. Since she and Peter Strzok were having an affair, wouldn’t this have made good pillow talk? Pillow talk would have erased the written trail that would be easily found.

lisa pageThere is no other conclusion than this communication showing mild collusion to keep Trump from assuming the Presidency is fake evidence designed to satisfy Congress to believe that they had actually discovered something. And the fact that Lisa Page, a top FBI lawyer would be dumb enough to implicate herself in something as traceable as a text message, is just not believable.

WHY Peter Strzok Open Testimony vs. Closed Lisa Page Testimony:

Peter Strzok’s nearly 10 hour testimony was a joke. It consisted of nothing but name-calling and juvenile emotionally related antics by Strzok. Nothing of value came from his testimony.

He gave up nobody and he is charged with nothing. He committed treason, misused his position, and obstructed justice. But still, Strzok is a free man. Yet, his totally worthless testimony was televised and was completely public. On the contrary, his mistress’ testimony was held in secret and we know that when something is secret, someone is up to no good.

Lisa Page testified during two days of closed-door hearings, as opposed to her boyfriend’s testimony. Supposedly, she had to go dark because her testimony involved violating her confidentiality duties with regard to her clients. But, this is totally bogus.

She could testify in a closet and if she is repeating privileged communications, then she is still guilty of violating confidentiality and could lose her license to practice law. Again, this whole process wreaks of deception and speaks to a cover up of the highest degree.

In a case involving potential treason, Page’s testimony could have been compelled by Congress and it should have been made public, unless, of course, they ALL have something to hide.

Who’s Behind the 53,000 Missing Text Messages?

People are writing that Lisa Page tossed James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, among others under the bus. That is simply not true. If it was true, impeachment plans for Rosenstein would be continuing and they’ve hit a dead end for now.

President TrumpWhat’s in these missing text messages?


Trump already knows the answer to this question and has responded with two actions. First, he trusts his security to the Marines, not the compromised Deep-State-controlled Secret Service. Secondly, we know, thanks to Paul Preston, that the President was a target of a would-be assassination plot for his cancelled visit to South America.

Two sources, independent of each other, believe that the Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s text messages were about conducting a military coup against President Trump. In the campaign, Trump promised to build good relations with Russia. That is not what the Deep State wanted to hear since they wanted war with Russia because of their position on the Petrodollar. And speaking of a military coup, didn’t Representative, Steve Cohen, just threaten a military coup against Trump?

It has become clear that the Russian collusion delusion was created to keep Trump and Putin apart. These two leaders cannot be allowed to begin to cooperate.

In order for Russia and the United States to survive, the two nations would have to engage in military and economic cooperation. To prevent the US-Russian alliance, the Deep State has engaged in several actions to prevent this from happening:

CNN, WAPO, NYT all engaged in incessant criticism about the meeting between Putin and Trump. They should have seen the meeting as a chance to avoid war. But, since their puppet masters want war, it’s has been non-stop criticism of the meeting and President Trump’s conduct at the meeting.

Mueller indicted 12 Russian intel operatives two days before the summit. This was clearly designed to throw a monkey wrench into the meeting. When Mueller did not get the desired result, he dropped all charges only 3 days after filing them. You never heard that on MSM did you?

In a dramatic attempt to boost his own ego and gain some “kudos” from the Deep State and other media hacks, Foxes Chris Wallace, tried to hand the papers of 12 Russian indictments to Vladimir Putin.

Rather than taking them from his hand, Putin motioned for him to set it on a nearby table… sucking the wind from Wallace’s planned news coup.

lisa pageConnect the Dots of this grand scheme Deep State treachery and then it all makes sense:

So. what is in the missing text messages? As an FBI agent told Dave, it’s a mystery as to what they could be hiding?

Most of the informed public already knows about DHS-UN sanctioned child-sex trafficking at the border. We’ve known forever about the CIA drug trade. We know about the formation of ISIS by Obama and Clinton. We also know about money laundering at HSBC bank by Clinton, not to mention Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc., etc.

What could they be hiding? Both the FBI agent and Dave concluded the missing text messages have to do with assassinating Donald Trump in order to prevent an American-Russian alliance which would oppose the New World Order, specifically, the bankers.

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page did not send those text messages except for the mildly damning ones. When you consider the volume of text messages, it’s clear that Strzok and Page were being used as cut outs and sensitive information was routed through their text messaging system where nobody, at the time, would think to look. It is the same strategy employed by Lisa Barsoomian in using the NIH email address.

So, what is on those emails? I believe that the only thing that it could be about is the assassination of Donald Trump. It’s the only thing that has NOT been previously revealed to the public.

On the question of whether Trump is compromised, the answer is an unqualified yes. His appointment of Deep State establishment people coupled with his not firing of Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller is proof of this.

Wait a minute, I am confused. On one hand, Trump is forging opposition to the New World Order by ignoring free trade agreements and forging a relationship with Putin. Yet, his nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, his appointment two days ago of a liberal anti-gun judge and his action in Syria speak to his being compromised. Will the real Donald Trump please stand up?

It’s possible, that President Trump is buying time by giving into Deep State demands while trying to accomplish his swamp cleansing goals. And on that point, Putin is providing a lot of support. Suffice it to say, the same fate of JFK could very well lie in his future as well. The Deep State will never allow a Russian-American alliance because it blocks their plans to WWIII.

What a tangled web we weave… President Trump, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page know much more than we’ll hear and the fate of America hangs in the balance.

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