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NWO Reshaping Truth To Transform The Lies




is programming with language (political correctness) and delusional concepts that transform facts into believable lies and untruths.

The effort by the globalists to do and say anything to avoid the truth is in hyper drive.

We’ve been bombarded the last 8 years under the Obama administration to be PC. What is political correctness anyway?

It’s a method by which the facts are not recognized for what they really are, but pointed in another direction away from the reality to form a completely different way to view them.

It’s really not politically correct, it’s really the “relabeling” to change the narrative to conform to the new world order and away from the truth.

NWO plans for america: What is the new world order?

The reshaping of not only America but the entire world has been going on and most people don’t even realize what’s happening.

nwoOver the last eight years of the Obama Administration we’ve been told how to think, how to reevaluate and how to see things with a new World Vision.

It’s New World View or

New World Order

mindset is starting to surface especially through our colleges and universities.

And certain professors are coming out and stating the Orlando Massacre was caused by “toxic masculinity,” “extremist discourses.”

It is the plan of the new world order, the globalists, the elites, the


to bring this world into the place where they will welcome the Antichrist. (The man foretold in the Bible, Daniel & Revelation)

It’s a total effort by the ungodly elites in this world to turn upside down everything that’s always been held as truth and right. (Biblical teachings)

Only after they convince the new generation that this is the way to think and act will they be able to get them to accept the lies and the deception of the Antichrist.

There were three reactions recently posted on an Ohio State University blog from three professors who blame the Orlando mass shooting on “toxic masculinity” and a “fetishization” of weapons.

Their essays appeared in a Blog titled “Countering Hate With Knowledge Fury and Protest.”

One professor said, “I trace this back to deep patterns of colonial violence that allow and empower men to terrorize everyone.”

Our universities have become a “cesspool of twisted and perverted thinking,” taking things completely out of context and relabeling them to fit the New World Order narrative and so-called political correctness.

new world orderOur government has become so infiltrated by globalists and Luciferians that it’s no wonder that our universities and colleges, being funded by these very same people, are becoming a tool and powerful vessel used to infiltrate and corrupt the minds of young people.

Since the youth of this country attending a college or university are rarely ever taught history anymore and don’t learn it in high school, the rewriting of thoughts, concepts and reason is not a difficult task for the globalists.

Lawrence La Fountain Stokes is the program director at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and he said, “it has become self-evident that to be queer and Puerto Rican or Latina/o in the United States is strange and at times profoundly dangerous.” “What’s worse, these challenges come along with the general risks of life in the US given the prevalence of weapons, profound social inequalities, lack of Comprehensive Mental Health Care and in some cases basic health care and the rise in xenaphobic, ultra-nationalist and extremist discourses that we face.”

” Tapping into these emotions means channeling our energies to demand social change speaking out against racism, homophobia and transphobia, demanding stricter gun control laws, addressing the social and economic crisis in Puerto Rico by focusing on the needs of its people and not those of Wall Street vulture funds.”

He also said “the Orlando pulse shooting is a “manifestation of colonial terror, not the epidermal terrorism the U.S. construct as its other.”

It’s easy to see here that the programming of the globalists through the Obama Administration over these last 8 years has been very effective.

Not looking at things in reality, but forming a new false narrative to adapt and recreate new policy to address the issues is what they do best.

LuciferiansThey really believe their own dribble and that if “we” just followed these recommendations, all would be well.

The issue and bottom line is, this world is being prepared for the Antichrist, the anti-God personality who will be accepted by the world and the world system.

Since there is only one true God and He sent His only Son into the world over 2000 years ago, promising that whoever believes in Him will not perish. (Die eternally and lose their soul)

The Luciferians, the globalists and those who have rejected and consciously fight against God, will continue to mask and blind the minds of those who would come to the knowledge of the truth.

Universities across the country are committing themselves to fight what they call “toxic masculinity” with conferences and events alleged to exploring violent tendencies inherent in manhood.

The reality is the Bible is true. We were all born with the “sin nature.” It’s not “toxic masculinity,” it’s simply a sin nature and it will never be overcome by the delusion that men can fix their own evil nature. It’s a disease we were all born with and can’t find a cure on our own.

Not only are these “concepts and false teachings” going to weaken us as a people and nation, but they will also not prepare us to deal in the real world with any issue.

In the Book of Romans chapter 3 verse 23 it says, “we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

God knew that. That’s why He sent his Son and that’s why we have a Savior that will cover our sin and change our hearts if we will only trust in Him.

For those who reject God’s provision of salvation through faith in His Son, they will get sucked up and completely deceived, destroyed and lose their eternal soul.

Those who believe the lies and deceptions of this new world order will be lost… forever. They will end up serving Satan and his anti-Christ, until they’re destroyed along with him and God brings His plans to a glorious conclusion.

nwoThe great Apostle Paul of the early church told the Corinthian people, he said, “the god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers (Satan) so that they can’t see the light of the Gospel that displays the glory of Christ and who he is.”

And that is exactly what’s happening right now to the people of this world who reject the only true and living God.

The further mankind moves away from faith in Jesus Christ, the more horrifying, hurtful, sad and despicable this world will become and men will fall deeper into hopelessness.

Technology will be offered as a substitute for everything from relationships to sexual satisfaction. Anything to keep men and women focused on attaining satisfaction APART from yielding to the ONLY true and living God.

The choice is up to each individual young and old.

It’s not an easy path to swim upstream against the globalists, but it’s a choice we must make if we’re going to save our own souls.

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