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Most Stealth Virus Ever To Be Unleashed On Mankind


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By Mike Adams January 24, 2020

Coronavirus is spreading among people who show non-respiratory symptoms. This means detection of the carriers of the virus is going to be extremely difficult, given that nearly all health officials around the world are looking for respiratory symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and breathing difficulties.

Some carriers of this rapidly spreading strain of coronavirus show no fever and no coughing, but instead are exhibiting symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and chest pains.

“Thus far, official guidance on the symptoms of the Wuhan virus has been limited to fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, such as coughing, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath,” reports The Epoch Times:

However, according to local media a report by doctors and experts from Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University on Friday noted the appearance of initial symptoms not related to the respiratory system.

It said that many patients who contracted the virus did not have a fever. Therefore simply taking the temperatures of passengers at transport hubs is not enough to screen for the virus.

Three confirmed cases in the USA, total secrecy about which hospitals have the patients

Human-to-human transmission of this novel coronavirus has already been confirmed, and according to multiple sources, there are now three confirmed cases in the United States.

As we expected, the CDC and local health officials are refusing to release the names of the hospitals in which these coronavirus-infected patients are being treated and quarantined.

The secrecy has begun.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization so far refuses to declare this a global pandemic, even as they were rapidly declaring faked, hoax pandemics in years past, such as the “Zika virus” hoax.

What Americans need to know is that this coronavirus situation is far worse than what’s being reported by the controlled media, and that carriers are going to slip past even the best detection methods, because those methods are all based on looking for fevers and respiratory problems.

Some people who have died, never even had a fever.

China built a lab to study SARS and Ebola in Wuhan, China – and US biosafety experts warned in 2017 that a virus could ‘escape’ the facility that’s become key in fighting the outbreak.

The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory is the only lab in China designated for studying dangerous pathogens like SARS and Ebola

Ahead of its January 2018 opening, biosafety experts and scientists from the US expressed concerns that a virus could escape the lab

In 2004, a SARS virus ‘leaked’ from a lab in Beijing Experts say the coronavirus that’s infected more than 800 people mutated in animals and became capable of infecting humans at the Wuhan seafood market

A 2017 article warned of the unpredictability of lab animals that scientists at the Wuhan lab intended to inject with viruses 

Only time will tell how massive this outbreak will become.

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Steve Allen
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3 Comments on "Most Stealth Virus Ever To Be Unleashed On Mankind"

  1. Great videos, I Love listening to it. Good job Steve. Thank you for doing what you do. May God Bless You and your Family.

  2. CDC just added 6 new symptoms on 3/23/20. Just check their website. These psychopaths behind this hoax will keep changing the goal posts and even the football and the dumb sheep will believe! The past 3 generations of students were not taught how to think, think critically or reason using their brains! They became the laziest mental creatures on this earth therefore they now find themselves unable to figure out anything. They must be told how to process even simple things. We are done people. All because those that knew this game tried to warn America practically since its founding. The rest was up to the people, and not enough cared to do anything about it. It was going to be someone else’s job. Now there is no one else!

  3. Stuart Dorey | June 22, 2020 at 3:28 am | Reply

    One thing I have learned is that virtually everything we are told needs questioning to ascertain the actual truth. We just need to look at the “NASA War documents!” to know what is planned for us, the UN Agenda 21 signed on by 179 Nations in 1992, the planned consolidation of all people world wide, CODEXALIMANTARIUS, All agendas from the WHO ETC, ETC! if ANY Authoritarian organisation does tell the truth, we will probably die of a heat attack anyway because it will be such a shock!

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