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Most People Can’t Believe The Human EXTERMINATION Plan Of Elite Globalists


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Main Article By Mike Adams

To understand why the globalists are actively working to exterminate the entire human race, you have to first understand their plans for themselves.

They believe in transhumanism and think they’re going to transition from carbon-based life to silicon-based life by “uploading” their consciousness into machines.

Once they are in the machines, they believe, they will have infinite power, immortality and the ability to expand and conquer the entire universe. In essence, they believe they will become gods.

But building their massive fleet of space exploration ships, terminator robots and silicon-based domination systems for Earth and other planets requires immense resources.

Those resources — water, minerals, land, energy, etc. — are currently being consumed by the billions of human beings who inhabit the planet. That’s why the globalists need to exterminate the human race in order to free up resources for their new silicon realm that they plan to dominate and weaponize to literally conquer the entire galaxy.

Humanity stands in their way, you see, of achieving their goals. They also believe that humanity has now served its purpose in giving rise to Artificial Intelligence and highly advanced silicon-based lifeforms. Therefore, the human race is now expendable in their view.

This is precisely why the globalists say they are waging a “war on carbon.” All humans are made of carbon. All humans must die, they believe, in order for their own lives to achieve immortality via silicon.

Covid-19 vaccines are the perfect weapon to achieve mass extermination because stupid, gullible people line up and volunteer to commit “vaccine suicide.”

This is the ideal scheme for globalists because they don’t have to bother with shooting people, gassing people or even rounding them up. The cattle / sheeple will volunteer for suicide, thinking they are “smart people” who have “done the research” and are trusting “authoritative sources” when they decide to engage in vaccine suicide.

Most people are so busy believing the lies, they never do any research on their own or listen to the real “experts” warning them about the danger of this so called “vaccine.”

If you choose to get the mRNA “vaccine”, you will be generating virus super strains in your body after taking the “vaccine”… DON’T BE THEIR FOOL AND TAKE THEIR POISON!

The globalists keep telling us what they’re doing and yet people are NOT hearing or their “cognitive dissonance” is just TOO much for them to overcome a reality of such evil and immoral plans.

The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy about these people and said, “the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, …”

They have NO conscience and actually believe they’re doing a service to mankind and their god (Lucifer, Satan, god of this world.) They are being “USED” by the enemy of our souls like a seasoned cult leader manipulates and lies to his followers. In the end, they will NOT have eternal life as they’re promised, but they will have eternal damnation.

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Steve Allen
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9 Comments on "Most People Can’t Believe The Human EXTERMINATION Plan Of Elite Globalists"

  1. I voted for Trump in both elections hoping he was not part of the game, but after watching him push this vaccine and his administration giving the manufacturers immunity from liability and not pardoning Julian Assange or Edward Snowden I’m thinking we’ve all been played for fools. My wife works at Walgreens and she sees many old veterans and conservatives coming in to get the vaccine. Now I’m believing Trump was inserted as President to deceive as many conservatives as possible. Most of this stuff is so utterly ridiculous I can’t believe how many people are falling right in line. Guess it doesn’t take much to deceive people these days.

  2. I like this website

  3. Marsha Starrick | March 24, 2021 at 6:22 pm | Reply

    I wrote to Franklin Graham and told him he sold out to the devil. This vaccine has already killed my aunt and harmed other people I know

  4. Appreciate your website and articles Mr. Allen, much love from the Netherlands!
    God bless us all

  5. I am distressed because several people I know willingly poisoned themselves by getting the “vaccine”. One did it to save his job.Another was pressured by his family because they refused to let him see his elderly father untill he was vaxxed.Someone esle took it believing it would make her safe as she has health issues.These people dont know the “vaccine” is designed to kill them.It amazes me that one person said the vaccine scared her but she still took it! Thousands of people have been killed/maimed by the “vaccine” yet it is still being pushed.You have to ask why.Something good is never pushed on people. That they are pushing the “vaccine” so hard,even making it mandatory in some places tells you this is not good. It is evil! I see they are resorting to incentives like money or goods.The propaganda commercials are sickening.Saw one recently using black actors as it has been said they are resisting the poison.But I predict they will force it on everyone if too many people resist.I also predict this is prepping us for the the computer chip-mark of the beast.We are clearly in end times and yet so few are willing to see that.There are signs other than the oblivious agenda at work:Mary appearing at Medjugorje since 1981 and telling people its the last time she will appear. Her telling us at the Garabandal apparitions who the last pope would be (Francis-notice how he is encouraging all religions to unite.One world religion!) And lest anyone doubt the NWO exists let them read The Georgian Guidestones which boldly states their plans for the world which include depopulation! God help us!

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