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Melinda Gates Says Blacks Should Be Vaxxed First

melinda gates

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Melinda Gates isn’t trying to hide anything, she came right out and stated that the new vaccines should be administered with a priority preference for “people of color.”

Right from the start, it’s a racist assertion. If vaccines are risky and dangerous — which this new covid-19 vaccine is almost certainly is — she’s saying it’s okay to run medical experiments on black Americans to find out what happens.

Black people are almost always the guinea pigs for the medical experiments of the globalists, of course. You don’t have to look very hard to see the history of government-backed Big Pharma and vaccine experiments on black soldiers, black prisoners and black civilians, both in the United States as well as across Africa.

The very same people who promote global depopulation — Bill and Melinda Gates — now suddenly urge COVID-19 vaccine “equality” efforts to make sure all the black people are vaccinated first.

Most notably among Nation of Islam followers who are arguably more aware than anyone else about how white, rich globalists have been waging a war of genocide against black people for at least three generations.

The clock is ticking. Black people have no more than 18 months before they will be hunted down with “contact tracing” enforcers and forcibly vaccinated with a dangerous, experimental coronavirus vaccine that bypassed nearly all the usual safety protocols usually required by the FDA.

In an interview published by, Melinda Gates says that health care workers (i.e. doctors) should all be vaccinated first. This will ensure the deaths of many doctors and nurses who would normally respond to a pandemic, making sure that the next wave of the depopulation bioweapon is very successful.

satan worshipper
Melinda Gates with her satanic upside down ruby cross

After the doctors are vaccinated, they’re coming for the blacks. As Melinda Gates explains, “In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color. They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19.”

Remember, these are the same black people who are being openly encouraged to abandon all precautions and join the Black Lives Matter protests, so let’s drop any pretext that the “authorities” care about black people. They’re practically telling all people of color to run out and get infected as quickly as possible.

That wave of post-protest infections, of course, will justify the mass vaccination of black people in the name of “social justice.” It will all be marketed to the black community as “a special bonus treatment,” a kind of “black privilege” to get you infected with the vaccine ahead of whites.

The media, of course, will never tell black Americans that Bill Gates’ polio vaccines have paralyzed half a million children in India.

The media is already rolling out the news that will demand black people line up to be vaccinated first

We already see the genocidal mainstream media rolling out an absurd propaganda campaign that claims covid-19 is “racist.” The disproportionate number of black deaths from covid-19 is being pushed as a pretext to demand that black people get the vaccines first. What black Americans aren’t being told, is that many black people will be forced to take the covid-19 vaccine against their will.

America’s inner cities will become echoes of Tuskegee as black Americans are threatened with being dragged away to FEMA quarantine camps if they don’t submit to the state’s demands that they be injected with the new experimental vaccine.

I heard of a resident in California who was stalked by a “contract tracer” who came to her house, looked through her windows and demanded she submit to an invasive covid-19 contact tracing surveillance operation.

She’s never even been tested or diagnosed with, covid-19. This door-to-door surveillance operation is being beta tested in California and will soon be rolled out across the entire country.

What it means is that all across the black-dominated inner cities of Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Baltimore, Atlanta and every other city, black Americans will be tracked and surveilled by vaccine-toting “health care” enforcers who will flag vaccine resisters as “dissidents” to be hauled away to FEMA camps.

This is coming sooner than you can imagine. Black Americans need to “know who their real enemy is.” It’s not the racist white cop as much as it’s the “genocidal white lab-coat wearing” demons who run the vaccine industry and want you dead.

That’s why every black American needs to own a gun. The rich, white globalists are coming for you, and they’re on a mission of genocide. Instead of putting a knee on your neck, they’re going to put a needle in your arm, and that needle will contain specific mRNA protein synthesis that will hijack your body’s cells and cause your body to declare war on itself, resulting in deadly levels of inflammation and autoimmune disorders. It’s a DEATH shot!

When the vaccine side effects show up, the media will cover it all up. The tech giants will “censor anyone” who tells the truth. Black Americans will die in numbers that will dwarf all the police brutality statistics combined, and by the time the truth comes out, the vaccine industry will claim they made an honest mistake and have now “fixed the problem.”

They’ll have complete legal immunity, too, making sure they can never be sued by the families of the victims they’ve destroyed.

The WHO announced something that completely eliminated any reason for vaccines

The WHO just announced that there’s virtually no spread of the coronavirus from asymptomatic carriers. Yet the very existence of asymptomatic carriers was the logical basis for demanding masks, lockdowns, social distancing and rapid vaccines. Without asymptomatic carriers, it means that only people who show obvious symptoms can spread the coronavirus, and that makes them very easy to spot and avoid (or isolate).

In other words, vaccines aren’t even necessary anymore, according to the WHO’s data. So why the mad rush to manufacture them and make them mandatory for “people of color” when the actual risk of asymptomatic transmission is very close to zero?

If authorities would simply tell black Americans to take vitamin D and zinc, the number of blacks being killed by covid-19 would plummet.

The bottom line is that the rich, white globalists are setting up the world for a genocidal vaccine “kill switch,” and they’ve set up the full narrative to target blacks first. They’re going to “mass murder” black people while pretending that “Black Lives Matter.”

And I’m a white guy exposing all this, so the media can’t blow this off as a “black conspiracy.” No, it’s actually a genocidal reality, and it falls in line with the whole history of efforts to cull black people through infertility chemicals, infertility vaccines, abortion clinics, wars and now vaccines.

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  1. Sick freaks. Everyone notice the upside down cross around her necks? Pure evil.

  2. Should read: ‘Melinda Gates presents: Operation Get behind the darkies’

  3. hi steve.chris here.I wanna say that your site is a breath of fresh air.based on facts under the teachings of our lord under the blessings of the holy spirit.thank you steve your site is very informative and true. thanx again Chris Harvin

  4. Demon’s devil’s and evil people,, Steve as always your information is priceless”

  5. Not to mention that Israel was singled out as the first country to try to force their populace with the vaccinations or to not be able to work, go to school, go to the market for food, attend anything with other people. This summer, 75%+ of the hospitalized were fully vaccinated. And now Fauci has gone from 8 months for the booster to 5 months in a week’s time. Soon they’ll be demanding a monthly boosters! This is NO vaccine! I’m an RN of 51 years. There is nothing in this to make it a vaccine and the ingredients are very toxic. It’s surprising that there are not a MUCH higher number of “accidents & deaths”. I rather think it is because there is a large number of people who believe in God and His protective hand has been over many who were simply duped. Bill Gates, Melinda, nor any of the other globalists are NOT God and He will not be mocked!

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