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Lawless Left Lashing Out From Desperation

lawless left

I’ve never seen the

“lawless left”

lashing out from desperation more than we’re witnessing it now! During the election and now after the election.

All the “talking heads” of the

lawless left

were lied to during the entire presidential race. So, of course after it was realized that Donald Trump won, it was a HUGE blow to their reality.


Lawless Left

have a bigger voice in this world in MSM than the law abiding. And this is why the Lawless left are lashing out right now, they are stunned, they are shocked, they’re in disbelief and they’re mad.

We have how many mainstream media stations as opposed to what Fox and some alt-right online voices have?

How much did Hillary Clinton spend as opposed to Donald Trump? Over five to one was the ratio.

Hillary was the globalists pick to win and retain the White House. It was a done deal, Hillary herself said it many times, “I will be the next president.”

lawlessObama said she’s the best qualified of anyone he knows including him and Bill.

Behind it all are all of the spiritual entities and powers and principalities, causing the Lawless left to lash out and fight to try and regain what they lost.

During the last eight years of American history with Barack Obama in the White House we’ve scene the most blatant spiritual Rebellion we’ve ever seen from leadership as high as the White House, the presidency and leader of the so-called Free Nation.

He ruled buy skirting the Constitution of the United States and signing executive orders. He said if Congress won’t act he’ll do it on his own which is a direct violation of what the checks and balances systems were designed to do.

Barack Obama without a doubt was the most and has been the most Lawless left leader America has ever seen in the history of this country.

It made all the Lawless left very comfortable because they could thumb their nose at all law all righteousness, all morality and everything that had been held as right in America.

The Lawless left “Talking Heads” on all mainstream media stations and networks were deceived. They were all led to believe that Hillary Clinton would automatically win this election and so when she didn’t, it was a HUGE letdown for all of the Lawless left in Media.

They were lied to as well and so was the American public, but the people in this country are fed up and tired of lawlessness, they’re tired of lying and being lied to, they’re tired of immorality and injustice. They’re tired of the divisive rhetoric coming from the president of the United States, they’re tired of being accused of being racist homophobic, xenophobes.
They’re tired of the mislabeled political correctness that’s been preached to them like a religious Doctrine over the last 8 years.

Lawless Left Lashing Out From DesperationAnd those are the reasons they voted for Donald Trump.

This election brought out everyone from the Lawless left, exposing their true colors. It brought out the traitors and exposed them for who they are, even those hiding on conservative stations and networks.

Like an angry and mean child who’s forced to share and do the right thing, the Lawless left are lashing out from desperation.

And when somebody like Michael Moore comes out and insinuates we need to maybe assassinate the president elect, or Joy Behar with her comment like, “Do We Have To Wait Until Trump Puts a “Hammer And Sickle On The American Flag” Before We Stand Up to this man?” All these comments are only a manifestation of what’s in their hearts.

All of these efforts including getting Hillary Clinton elected we’re all part of the plan of George Soros and the globalists, who simply want to destroy America so they can assimilate America into their One World New World Order. PEOPLE IN AMERICA STILL DON’T SEE THIS.

It’s that simple it’s not a conspiracy theory – it’s fact.

Here are the latest 14 signs that the elitists are going to try and overthrow the will of the American public. Unprecedented in the history of the United States.

The establishment is in full-blown panic mode at this point, and they seem to have settled on “Russian interference in the election” as the angle that they’ve decided to use now to try to stop Trump the presidency.

There’s an all-out effort to try to persuade members of the Electoral College that are supposed to be committed to Donald Trump to cast their votes for someone else instead. And if that doesn’t work, they’re planning for the Electoral College votes to potentially be invalidated when a joint session of Congress meets to count those votes on January 6th.

main stream mediaSo, as we continue to see the Lawless left lashing out from desperation we have to remember the battle to restore America is not over.

We need to pray for America, we need to continue to pray for America, we need God’s intervention and help if we’ll ever restore this country.

Divisiveness of this magnitude will be begin to dissipate when there’s no one else preaching it.

The Talking Heads in mainstream media have just been puppets and were just as duped as many other Americans. Their mindset has been shaped by those who they listen to.

As I write this, there is a concerted effort going on to not only undermine the electoral process, but to outright over turn the will of the people. The globalists don’t care about the people at all!

They have been using our blood, sweat and tears for centuries for their benefit and plans. They have every intention of stopping President elect Trump from getting in their way.

The next weeks will be more than interesting, they will be traumatic for those who grew up believing in an American system that was thought to be fair and democratic.

Let’s do our part to bring healing, let’s do our part to bring restoration to America by our words and our actions. Let’s prove that we are not like the lawless left lashing out…

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