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Law IS Being Abolished In America!


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The American government has proven that they’re a complete criminal cabal and law means NOTHING to them and they don’t care.

You and your family mean nothing to these people. If we continue to let them break laws without consequences, you and your family will continue to be in the crossfire.

When James Comey was “pardoned” by AG Barr, and Trump did nothing, it was a clear message that nobody is safe and we’re no longer a nation of laws. We are a nation run by a criminal cabal.  

Not only did Comey violate national security laws and commit malfeasance of office in his role as FBI Director, he’s a career criminal who was only appointed to his position as FBI Director because he covered up the Clinton Foundations money laundering schemes, which used innocent Americans social security numbers and stolen identification to facilitate this criminal enterprise on behalf of the cartels.

Hillary and HSBC Bank all had their part in this. John Cruz, the former HSBC Bank Senior Vice-President identified Comey as a person who served on the Board of Directors for HSBC Bank and he ran cover for the Clinton’s as they ran cover for their criminal enterprise.

Cruz, as you heard, took this information to DHS. He took the information to Loretta Lynch who was working as a federal prosecutor, she got out the white wash and that was that. The FBI wanted nothing to do with him.

Eventually, succumbing to mounting public pressure, HSBC Bank was prosecuted for the lesser, including all of the Cruz allegations and the bank paid a small fine for failure to follow bank reporting laws. John Cruz had to initiate several “dead man switches” to keep himself alive, just like pedophile pervert Epstein used. 

Comey, with no meaningful experience in law enforcement, rode this horse all the way to the FBI Director’s position. Loretta Lynch, rode her Deep State horse to the AG’s position as she leap-frogged over multiple more qualified DOJ personnel.

This case goes to show how much power the Clinton Foundation has over the American government. So, should we be surprised when Comey gets a walk for these crimes? If you and I had done anything like this, we would have been in a similar position to what Julian Assange is going through and probably will for the rest of his life. 

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

It’s outrageous that Comey got another walk and escaped the consequences of his criminal acts, twice. However, it takes a criminal to pardon a criminal and that’s what we have here.

As the saying goes, there is no justice, JUST US!

Attorney General William Barr is a criminal of the highest order. He is Deep State and he is in his position to protect the Deep State.

WHEN IS THE LAST TIME THAT YOU HAVE HEARD ANYONE IN THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION UTTER THE PHRASE: “DRAIN THE SWAMP”?. You haven’t heard it because it’s hard to drain what you’re submerged in.

William Barr is a criminal on the level of Comey and Clinton. William Barr is Deep State. Attorney General Barr has an important skill: Protect Deep State Criminals. In criminal parlance, he is a fixer of the highest order. 

People are outraged that Attorney General Barr gave Comey a “walk” for the second time. But nobody should be surprised, Barr is pitching a shutout on behalf of the Deep State.

Deep State Victories Roll On: 

Comey-    Got a walk for treason and sedition

H. Clinton-    Still wheeling, dealing and committing Arkancide

                      White Water, Benghazi, Stealing Haiti UN relief money etc.  

Strock-   Committed treason with impunity

Obama-  No consequences for illegal spying and the fraudulent Steele Dossier. 

B Clinton-  Crimes against humanity and crimes against children and he’s still free

D. Feinstein- Committed treason with Chinese nations who “drove” her too far. 

Kamala Harris- Covered for cartel and/or pedophilia crimes in her role as CA Attorney General

Wasserman-Shultz- Bleached computer files to protect Hillary (Awan Brothers/Seth Rich)

Her brother killed the Seth Rich murder investigation. 

Eric Holder-  Sold guns to terrorists and cartel members in Fast and Furious- Still free

McCabe- Leaked classified information-Steele Dossier- Hired by CNN

Epstein-  No trial thanks to his dead man switches. Probably Not Even Really Dead…..

Epstein’s associates- No trial forthcoming because with Barr In charge, there is no justice…

MAGA (Complete List of Victories) 



Barr’s Most Heinous Moment To His Country

Vicki Weaver with Daughter

 Let’s take a look at Barr’s most notable historical event as an attorney. You may recall that Barr’s federal agents descended on Randy Weaver’s Idaho compound in August, 1992  in the infamous Ruby Ridge Incident:

  • The FBI shot Weaver in the back
  • The FBI shot Weaver’s wife Vicki to death, while she was holding her infant son 
  • The FBI shot Weaver’s 14 year-old son in the back as he was running away
  • The FBI shot Weaver’s dog
  • None of the Weaver’s were given a chance to peacefully surrender. It was a case of shoot first and ask questions later. No FBI agent was ever held accountable for these murders. (Just like in LaVoy Finicum’s murder)

Courts subsequently largely exonerated Weaver for his alleged transgression related to a minor firearms violation.

Barr was brought in by the DOJ to do what he does best, to become a fixer and denier of the truth. He defended and got the FBI agents off.

Later, Congress conducted their own investigation and awarded Randy Weaver money, but he did not get his family back.

These are two examples of the criminal enterprise that runs our government. These are examples of the scum that were there already before the Trump administration even came to D.C.. If you still want to drain the swamp Mr. President, I believe I just told you were to start. 

The American people need to enter a state of peaceful civil disobedience. If the criminals that run our government don’t follow rules, why should we respect their ignoring of the law?

If we continue in this direction, on this lawless road, it’s only a matter of time before we’re just “another civilization burned on the heap of history.” It’s time to hit these criminals where it hurts the most, in the pocketbook. 

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Steve Allen
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3 Comments on "Law IS Being Abolished In America!"

  1. So how do we hit them where it hurts ?
    I’ve been a fan & a supporter of Trump , however its beginning to look as if there’s a very large scam going on and we will be the recipient of it( action speak louder than words).
    I’ve been a fan of ENOCH and have read all I can about him , please continue to post stories of him. One of only two humans to be taken to heaven by God and have him sit with him to write everything hes sees. Just awesome

  2. Guys, I greatly commend you both for doing what you can to keep the country afloat but it may already be too late. Steve, your videos are very well done and professional – but most of all, they are telling many unpleasant and “inconvenient” truths. Too bad most Americans have bought the delusion that this country is still solvent despite the rampant lawlessness all around. Most are living this delusion amidst “bread & circus” totally oblivious to what will befall them in the near future. I pray that more Christian pastors wake up and begin preaching the entire Gospel instead of side-stepping the “hard sayings” of the Lord for fear of offending the non-converted who make up the majority of their churches. Please remember that God is sovereign and in control of all of this mess. We are under His judgment and have entered into the “birth pangs” predicted by the Lord Jesus as things will steadily decline and we head into the tribulation period – that we will all have to endure (No easy rapture for me).

  3. Steve,you have a lot of ppl that trust in you and know were getting truth.why do you still act as if trump is really this righteous man when he’s played us like a fiddle in my opinion.plz email me and answer that for me.bc I need to know why u are still defending this man .I trust your opinion.Jesus watch over us and guide us.

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