Is President Trump A Victim Of A Coup?

Was the coup successful and we just don’t see it?

Has President Trump been deposed as we believe the facade of how in control he is? Has he been the victim of a coup? If not, how do you explain what’s happening? And please don’t tell me to “be patient with Trump, he has a plan”. His term is way over “half over” and it’s past time to act.  

Most of the President’s advisors are Deep State, or become Deep State after serving him. The President has angered his Deep-State-serving advisors because he backed out of Operation Nitro-Zeus as part of an invasion plan for Venezuela, Syria and Iran. In other words, the President has just said no to World War III. He publicly said, he “was not convinced about Iran”.

It’s a known fact that Ron Paul advised the President against wars of occupation because it would result in World War III. 

Then why are all the signs pointing to the fact that WWIII is imminent, in play? Is John Bolton the new President? Please consider the following:

12:27 p.m. EDT —U.S. begins deployment of ***ground troops*** to Saudi Arabia.

2:29 p.m. —Bahrain issues another statement talking of very grave developments today in the region.

2:30 p.m. —Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called urgent meetings (rare on a Saturday) with key US politicians and officials. They are being referred to as crisis meetings. Further meetings hurriedly being coordinated with international allies for later today.

Update 10:46 a.m. EDT —IRGC chief: Iran is in a full intelligence war with the United States already.

Update 11:35 a.m. —Dozens of Iranian families, some of them officials, entered Iraq during the past two days and settled in Kadhimiya and Karbala in anticipation of a possible US strike.

Update 9:23 a.m. EDT —Bahrain foreign minister warns of “critical and dangerous developments unfolding in the region.”

Covert Intel:

For about twelve seconds today, “someone” secured “target lock” on each vessel in the USS Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier Strike Group operating in the Arabian Sea/Gulf of Oman.

At this time, no one knows who obtained the target lock because the signal stopped before triangulation could complete.

Obtaining a “Target Lock” with fire control radar is “an act of war” and when any military vessel is on the receiving end of such a target lock, the Rules of Engagement make clear they are free to engage . . . because only seconds after such “lock” might they be on the receiving end of hostile fire.

Someone is playing a deadly serious game with our military and it’s exactly this type of foolishness that could lead to the accidental start of war.

This info comes from a known source, who works for a foreign government, with whom Dave Hodges spoke to personally.   

There are many more of these communications which indicate a nation preparing for war. Again, he was told the same was coming last week and this was at a time when the President was standing down to invading Iran and rejecting the authenticity of Iranian hostilities leveled against the United States. 

These factors lead one to believe that for all intents and purposes, the President has been deposed and is operating as a figurehead. In light of what the poll numbers show that are in support of the President, this makes sense, because the liberals cannot win in 2020. 

I’m saying this for the record, even if the President has not been overthrown, something is not right. The military has continued with preparations to invade Iran at the same time that Trump was ordering a stand down.

This is reminiscent of the Syrian false flag chemical weapons attack in which Assad was blamed for unleashing chemical weapons. Trump had already ordered the withdrawal of troops from Syria and did an about face. And we shouldn’t forget that at the same time, that dead body showed up at Trump Towers, presumably as a warning to his continued defiance. 

Another indicator that the President has been deposed lies in the sudden reversal by the Pentagon to transfer money to build a wall. This follows the near mutiny position when the military was refusing to fully cooperate with the President’s border agenda.

One has to ask, is the Pentagon building a wall to keep illegal aliens out, or are they now willing to build a wall to keep conservative Americans in?

If the President has been deposed and a coup has been initiated, we can expect that right before hostilities break out, that this country will go under martial law.

In order for that to happen the country must be put in a state of unparalleled crisis. What will it be? None of us who are not on the inside can be sure and not even insiders know what will transpire.

Dave Hodges learned from previous insiders that when a false flag is initiated, there are often several false flags planned. This is done to keep the legitimate authorities guessing as to what the real target is and it gives federal law enforcement agencies too much ground to cover. 

I don’t know what false flag attacks will be used to put America under martial law, but I can reasonably speculate as to the range of events and I can state with confidence that we will not see one false flag attack, we will see several. Here are my top candidates if this is indeed is where we’re headed. 

  • The Oroville Dam fails and a million people are in peril. Agricultural losses, combined with Midwest flooding will make food prices unaffordable for most. Controlling the population through food is a popular means to introduce control and incarceration as leverage. Further, the UN will have an excuse to enter America disguised as a benevolent humanitarian force to impose fake medical martial law. Don’t forget that on April 9, 2019, the Washington Post exposed the fact that the UN was providing “humanitarian” training to the newly formed Mexican National Guard. These could be the new FEMA camp guards. Also, the loss of 30% of the nations retail following an Oroville collapse would indeed collapse the economy and Adam Schiff tipped his hand when 4 days ago he warned against an economic collapse. 
  • A Tet Offensive style of terror attacks will occur all across the nation. Remember, it was just 5 days ago, that the FBI stated that they found an ISIS training base camp in Alabama. There are dozens just like it all across the country. 
  • According to two federal agents at the border, there are now 20 cases of confinement for insurgents diagnosed with Ebola. Will they be weaponized?
  • We have reliable reports which indicate that 8,000 Spetsnaz (Russian special forces) are in America and their speciality is taking down the grid. 
  • Pence is forced to resign because of his misdeeds in Indiana and Trump is deposed. Subsequently, Pelosi assumes command of the Presidency and will initiate martial law and FEMA camp detainments for deemed dissidents.

There are literally dozens of scenarios that could bring down our country. 

I think can all agree that even if the President is not the subject of a successful coup, we must admit that he’s either a fake plant by the Deep State or he is deeply compromised. Consider the following:

  • If the President it going to have a realistic chance to win the 2020 election, he must restore the power of his base centered in the Independent Media. He has done nothing to enforce federal law against the big tech companies that are “illegally censoring” the alt media. Many in the alt media no longer believe in Trump for this reason. They are afraid to say so because they don’t want to lose their following consisting of many people who believe in Donald Trump. 
  • Trump clearly has lost control of the Pentagon as witnessed by their mutiny at the border and ongoing preparations for WWIII against Trump’s wishes. This could be the muscle behind the coup.
  • As Trump attempts to bring the economy under control, why is military spending continuing at record rates? This is clearly a President who is not in control of military spending. Beware of the military industrial complex, right Mr. President?
  • Why is the President being allowed to destroy free trade agreements with China? If he is controlled, this would anger the elite. However, if one is planning war with China, who cares about free trade agreements at this point? Allowing Trump to do this, pacifies some of his base and adds to the globalist deception. 
  • I’ve been stunned as AG Barr appears to be taking on the Deep State. However, if you really look at Barr, he’s done nothing but make noise.

If the President has been deposed, who are his handlers? This is easy to anticipate. They would be Bolton and Pompeo.

We, as a nation, have been “de-platformed.” We have no leadership. Most of us just don’t realize it yet!



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3 Comments on "Is President Trump A Victim Of A Coup?"

  1. William Price | June 24, 2019 at 9:10 am | Reply

    My education on the above started over 20 yrs ago, just b4 becoming a Christian. I also got a conviction by the Spirit that time is short…no doubt in my mind we are living in the final days. Have not heard of Trump reversing Obama’s order agains military chaplins using the name of Jesus. Just a personal opinion, but i believe what happens to the Special Forces Major being court martial for killing the enemy will be the canary in the coal mind. If convicted we will see if Trump pardons him. Kudos to the medical team member who says he was the executioner, that should have ended the trial. No doubt quite a few of our senior mil officer are part of deep state.

  2. Steve Grimes | July 1, 2019 at 12:01 pm | Reply

    I do not believe that Trump has been deposed. What I do believe is that the United States is under attack with weaponized immigration, weaponized imports etc. I believe we have not yet found our true enemy as you have said in the past. I have received a challenge from a friend of mine about the Sword in Paul’s letter. If you really want to go the distance, say the 119th psalm out-loud at least once a day. It results in a much stronger relationship, and some interesting side effects…..

    Simple challenge: Psalm 119 everyday for a month. Life will change

  3. imwithstoopid | July 13, 2019 at 11:50 am | Reply

    If any, ANY, of the above supositions are true it is over.
    Our Military(and local police)will NOT be on the side of the people as witnessed during the “storms” in the South and the Gulf Cost with the breaking and entering of homes to confiscate weapons.

    Food is and will be the money of choice and that’s what the Military and police will be paid. Think about it, if your family is starving and without resources what would you do?\Remember that F.E.M.A. puchased along with the above mentioned HYDROGEN CYANIDE. 30k – 50k guillotines.

    Think about all of the nonedescript RR cars that had rows of shackles in auto-car (covered car carriers) on very long trains.

    All of a sudden antifa will have weapons and those mental-miget-useful-idiots will use them without reservation even on each other. The same goes for the enmass release of hardned criminals from ptisons around the country. Throw in the (“LOL” secret you know who groups in training around the country.

    We will not stand a chance guns or no guns. Watch for the next False Flag operation, should be very noticeable, at least enough to get the average nobody very upset and concerned.

    I’m 75 and have been waiting for a long time, but there is not much time left for me so good luck to you younger ones.

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