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If WE Don’t Stand Against The Elites

great reset

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They will control you and your children to your death!

This moment in history will be monumental in what happens to America.

The wealthy elites of this world believe they have the right to make you their slave and their servant. They created planned and implemented the greatest psyop ever executed on the earth.

The vaccine rollout is underway and most of humanity believes they’ll win the fight against the coronavirus. But the elites have planned a post-coronavirus ‘Great Reset’ and never intend us to go back to “normal.” This is what they have planned.

As “lockdowns and mask mandates” have become a stifling part of daily life over the last year, politicians all over the world have told their people to accept “The New Normal.” But as vaccines inched closer to deployment, that phrase was replaced with a new one, “The Great Reset,” used to describe the monumental changes to human society in a post-coronavirus world.

In May, Britain’s Prince Charles and the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab proclaimed the ‘Great Reset’ is an ambitious plan to create a more equal, cashless, integrated and sustainable global society. It sounds like a wonderful utopia doesn’t it?

World leaders have adopted their catchphrase, “Build Back Better” featured prominently in Joe Biden’s campaign messaging. 

Prince Charles (L), Klaus Schwab (C) and Bill Gates (R) © AFP / Chris Jackson and Reuters / Denis Balibouse and Ian Langsdon

It’s NOT liberalization, as they would like you to believe, but is actually technocratic New World Order. Here’s what the globalists really mean with the ‘New Normal’ that awaits in 2021 and beyond.

Vaccine passports for everyone

Even the World Economic Forum (WEF) has acknowledged that issuing citizens with immunity passports, or certificates of vaccination, could prove “controversial.” That hasn’t stopped governments toying with the idea though.

Britain is “exploring” the idea of creating a digital “freedom passport” database that would only grant access to public places to people who can prove a negative Covid test, while Ireland and Israel have discussed “banning” the unvaccinated from certain places. France may ban the unvaccinated from public transport.

These threats by politicians have been fiercely criticized by civil liberties advocates, but those pushing them don’t care. “Prepare for a form of health passport now,” former British Prime Minister Tony Blair wrote last week. “I know all the objections, but it will happen. It’s the only way the world will function and for lockdowns to no longer be the sole course of action.”

Governments may not be able to force citizens to take a rushed and side-effect-riddled jab at gunpoint, but they won’t have to. The airline industry has already said they will require proof of vaccination to fly this coming year, leaving wannabe travelers with a simple choice: “take the jab or stay at home.” Budget airline Ryanair boiled the idea down to a blunt catchphrase: “Jab & go!”

Digital IDs and Social Credit Scores

Your vaccination record is just one area of your identity that the architects of the Great Reset want access to. In a post on Christmas eve, the World Economic Forum (WEF), laid out their plan to create a digital identity app aimed at giving an official identity to more than a billion people worldwide who are supposedly without one.

Registering the world’s population is a goal shared by the United Nations, and the WEF’s proposed app would enable users to link up with ‘smart cities,’ healthcare and financial services, travel and shopping providers, and government departments. It all seems like such a wonderful thing, right?

Together with the idea of health passports, you can easily imagine a world where the unvaccinated could be excluded from ALL of these vital services. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has gone one step further, proposing this month that AI algorithms could be used to scan a person’s social media posts to determine their credit score. (Sound familiar? ex. China)

Have you made too many anti-vax posts on Facebook? Sorry pal, your loan has been denied.

Inequality on Steroids

Elites of the “Great Reset” talk about building a more equal, equitable economy after Covid. But if current experiences are anything to go by, that economy looks more like medieval feudalism, with a tiny group of billionaires on top and the rest of us completely under their thumb.

Lockdowns have been disastrous for small business owners. San Francisco, has seen half of its small businesses close, while New Orleans, heavily dependent on tourism and hospitality, has lost 45 percent of its small businesses. The situation is the same all over the world. Countries like Ireland that implemented a second lockdown this winter is seeing more businesses fail.

The world’s billionaires are doing spectacularly well. America’s three-titans grew their wealth by nearly a trillion dollars since the pandemic started. Amazon achieved blowout second-quarter results in 2020, earning $89 billion in that period and CEO Jeff Bezos’ fortune is up to $200 billion. The combined wealth of the 12 richest Americans – including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft CEO and vaccine evangelist Bill Gates – grew by a staggering 40 percent.

With lockdowns continuing into 2021, there’s NO sign that this trend will be reversed any time soon.

All of this seems to be working very well for the world imagined by the elites of the WEF. According to the perverted promotional video by the WEF organization, by 2030 the average person will “own nothing and be happy.” (Unfortunately, like all incriminating evidence, they took the video down.) Goods and services will instead be rented from corporations and delivered by drone, a setup only Jeff Bezos of Amazon will be in a place to provide.

A new push for Environmentalism

Before Covid hit, climate change was the pet issue of governments worldwide, as leaders fell over each other to announce closer dates for the phase-out of fossil fuels.

The proponents of the Great Reset are no different, and foresee a global carbon tax system in place by 2030, with citizens eating meat as “an occasional treat, not a staple. For the good of the environment.” 

World leaders will kick off 2021 by renewing their commitments to a “carbon-free” future, whatever the cost. Joe Biden has promised to sign the US back up to the Paris climate agreement immediately after taking office.

While the average person may pay a little more for the privilege of driving a car or eating a steak in the future, the real change, according to the WEF, will be felt by 2030, when climate change displaces a billion people, creating an unprecedented wave of refugees. Under the terms of the Great Reset, “we’ll have to do a better job at welcoming and integrating refugees.”

With a wave of climate refugees, it means more competition for jobs and a growing underclass in the countries that take them in. But that’s OK, at least they’ll get the opportunity to “own nothing and be happy,” just like the rest of us.

And the WEF can count on legions of ‘grassroots’ activists to push these policies on the masses. It’s youth wing – the Global Shapers Community – was involved in last year’s climate marches, and the community’s leaders have been trained by the Climate Reality Project, an activist organization run by WEF trustee Al Gore. Expect these activists to demand climate action when the WEF meets in Davos, Switzerland, in January.

The real and unreal blur

With WEF members literally funding their own activist movements, it’s going to be tough to discern top-down from grassroots change. In the case of the WEF’s push for a new environmentalism, Greta Thunberg and British Petroleum are on the same team. When it comes to reimagining capitalism, Pope Francis and Mastercard are working together to give corporations a greater say in cultural and political issues.

Regarding health policy, the WEF and much of the world’s media, seems okay with letting Bill Gates decide the future of medicine and disease prevention.

Discuss any of the contradictions and problems inherent in these post-Covid predictions, and you’re labeled a “conspiracy theorist.” With the world’s social media giants all cracking down on all so-called conspiracy content, it remains to be seen where the line between “dangerous” misinformation and legitimate critique will be drawn in 2021.

Will Silicon Valley have more say over what’s not to discuss in 2021? In 2020 alone, Twitter censored the president of the United States and banned a national newspaper for reporting damaging information on his opponent. When it comes to content branded as “conspiracy theory,” discussion will in all likelihood be more, not less, restricted from here on out.

Amid the global upheaval brought on by the coronavirus plandemic, it’s easy to imagine world leaders and corporations taking advantage of the chaos to impose more controls over the masses.

Prince Charles even described our turbulent times as a “golden opportunity” to make good on “big visions of change.”

However, the movers and shakers who travel every year to the World Economic Forum’s summit in Davos have boasted about their “great” plans before, from 2009’s “Shaping the Post-Crisis World,” to 2012’s “The Great Transformation.” 

The actual implementation of the ‘Great Reset’ will depend on the ambition and ability of governments to continue through their propaganda and their corporate partners to perpetuate the psyop and how well this plays against economic necessity and public resistance.

The most likely outcome is that the reset continues to get rolled out in a piecemeal plan.

I still remember blue skies, (NOT geoengineered aerosol sprayed white haze skies, but REAL ones) and have lived with personal freedom, a cash society and anonymity. But I can see where society is sleep walking now and the implications it has for my children and grandchildren. Most people aren’t even aware of the loss of liberty and freedom they’ve lost through technology and social media. People better awaken before they steal everything from us and then tell us, “own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

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  1. I listen to battle ready prayer.steve even though we can’t do anything about what going on in the world.first and foremost we need Jesus .it came to mind the things that people were doing in the old testament they are doing today . totally trying to take God out of the equation all together . being brainwashed and not knowing or caring.or going along with the okee dokie.cause we are scared .my God says he has over come the world.and all we can do is make sure we have our hearts and minds stayed on Jesus!!!

  2. What do you recommend we do to stop this tyranny? Many of us see what is going on. We simply need to refuse to comply enmasse.

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