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Guess What Happens When “They’re The ONLY” Game In Town?

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Have you ever heard the saying, “They’re the ONLY GAME IN TOWN?” It’s the same principle as a funnel.

If you grew up in a small town and there was ONLY one doctor or one auto mechanic, you had no choice if your car broke down except to take your car to that shop. Maybe you didn’t even like or trust the guy, but hey, he was the ONLY game in town.

This is what has happened in this country and is happening more each day in America. A handful of companies are controlling the majority of the world’s conversations, subtly introducing rules to close the gap of what ideas they find acceptable and edging out those they don’t.

One of the ways that most tech companies have been doing that, is the result of knowing that they get plenty of media support and stay in the good graces of legacy media outlets when they censor content for being “misinformation.”

The guise of protecting the world from “misinformation” is the easiest justification for censorship online right now. On a Periscope stream, Dorsey said that “labeling would come in really handy,” and talked about Twitter’s recent policy announcement that’s aimed to “tackle the tweets” of public leaders. In other words, intervening space or segment. They’ll tell you what President Trump was really saying.

Will they actually edit the Tweet? In other words, Twitter feels brave enough to place some kind of editorialized interstitial between a world leader and the reader, that alters the way the reader perceives the tweet.

YouTube places Encyclopedia definition boxes directly under videos that contradict their “acceptable narrative” about chemtrails, with a box that defines contrails.

Mainstream media is really only one voice, all spewing out the same message and same talking points. Fox News occasionally allows 3 of their news voices to deviate from the rest of the talking heads, to give the appearance that “they’re different” than the other guys, but for the most part, they’re all on the same page.

Until you understand the reality of this world system, and who is behind everything you see and hear, you’ll keep believing their lies.

This COVID-19 scam has been going on long enough. I don’t mean this virus is not real and that it’s not making people sick and some people are unfortunately dying because of it, but overall it has been hyped up to be something more colossal then it’s even close to being.

When you believe the lie that your government and those politicians that lie to you all the time, want to “protect you” and keep you healthy, then you have really gone down the rabbit hole of deception. It’s the same as believing that social media and video platforms like YouTube only want you to have the correct information.

Information is being funneled and filtered by social media platforms without your consent. Anytime anyone presents anything other than the narrative that they approve of, it will be removed banned or mocked.

The bottom line is you will only be allowed to view videos or read articles that they want you to. This is no different than what they do in China. There’s only one opinion, what the government tells you, and that’s all you’re allowed to know, and you dare not question them.

The one thing they completely will not tolerate is linking the 5G technology to the coronavirus outbreak. It doesn’t matter if it’s fact or even partially fact, it’s not allowed. We’re not allowed to present any information or even have a conversation anymore, that in their opinion contradicts the narrative that is established by the “establishment” and the ruling elite government. In other words, all of these agencies, of which many are not even official federal agencies.

If you understand that your government is NOT out to really help you, then you’ll know that every federal agency is just part of that plan to control you and if they can’t control you yet, they’ll continue to deceive you till you believe that they’re on your side.

The food and drug administration is just another federal agency that approves the harmful drugs poisoning Americans and destroying our society. And after several doctors have testified of the benefits of hydroxychloroquine for covid19 patients, now the FDA comes out with their warning against it. The agency said it became aware of reports of “serious heart rhythm problems” in patients with the virus who were treated with the malaria drugs. They provide no real proof, but just like they always do, they make a blind blanket statement like that and expect the public to just swallow it up.

They said patients taking the drugs for approved reasons, including malaria or to treat autoimmune conditions like lupus, should continue taking their medicine as prescribed. What else could they say because this drug has been around for 40 years and if they condemn it too much, people would say, well why did you approve it in the first place?

And now the CDC just came up with Six new coronavirus symptoms…. just officially added to the CDC list. New symptoms for the disease now include “chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and new loss of taste or smell.” I wonder how long it’ll be before they come out with “scratchy nose and itchy butt?”

If that’s not scaring you into the fetal position on your bed right now, researchers at the University of Utah say the theory that Covid-19 might be sexually transmitted remains a possibility.

Face it, if the globalists and this new world order have their way, you can kiss your life goodbye right now. They’ll have you so afraid of your own shadow you won’t be able to move.

It’s really very simple…. anything the federal government or their agencies or those they promote and protect can’t make money on, they will be prosecuted and/or shut down.

On Thursday the FBI, along with the Department of Health and Human Services-raided Allure Medical Spa. Mara Schneider, the FBI spokesperson said, “Allegations that the clinic provided fraudulent treatments for COVID-19 and that the clinic did not observe proper protocols to protect patients and staff from the virus,” There was a snitch just doing their “civic duty” as an informant of a clinic treating people with a known cure. Any alternative treatment or cure, even though many have been proven to be very effective will be shut down if they’re not approved through the FDA or any other government agency they can regulate them from.

Former Sen John McCain pushed hard to try and regulate the vitamin industry at one time. It’s a known and proven fact that vitamin C kills viruses even cancer virus. See they didn’t arrest anyone which means they just went there to harass them because it’s always scary when the feds show up.

This is another example of big brother-big government overreach coming in just to harass people. They didn’t come in to protect anyone, no one was threatened and no one felt threatened. Oh I almost forgot this is where governor Gretchen Whitmer became the (dictator) of Michigan. Do you want to know the real reason they raided this clinic? It’s because he’s not part of the medical cartel that use the pharmaceuticals they make GOBS of money on. They hate the naturopathic doctors in this world.

If big Pharma can’t have their hand in it they want to get rid of you. But don’t worry they’re working on a vaccine right now and like all the other vaccines, look at all the wonderful ingredients they’ll put into your body: things like aluminum and formeldahyde. Formaldehyde is what they bury people with. Remember their slogan on their website…”Today’s vaccines use only the ingredients they need to be as safe and effective as possible.” They don’t claim they’re safe, they claim that they’re as safe and as effective as possible. That’s a complete lie and I think you know that.

Knowing that we’re lied to 24/7, you might want to understand that the only real truth in this whole world, is the word of God. Did you know that the Bible says “God cannot lie” in at least three different places I know of. (Titus 1:2, Numbers 23:19 and Hebrews 6:18). That means He doesn’t even have the capacity to lie, that’s only what the devil does… and he does it so well.

Watch video here.

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