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Google YouTube Waging WAR On Independent Media

google youtube

Independent media

pioneer SGTReport is now the latest victim of the




censorship attack that’s explicitly targeting alternative media.

My YouTube channel “Think About It” has also fallen victim to the Google – YouTube attack.

Signs of demonization: what does demonization mean?

demonetization“You Tube has changed the rules of the game, it’s no longer a level playing field. Not only are they flagging more and more videos as ‘not advertiser friendly,’ but they’ve turned off ALL of the advertising on my videos,” writes SGT Report. “They want to kill my channel and they want me to go away.”

SGT Report, along with many other independent media outlets, is now asking for Patreon donations as Google / YouTube demonetizes their videos, forcing them to look for alternative sources of operating revenue. But here’s the thing: SGT Report isn’t a Jiahid recruitment hub. They don’t promote terrorism. They simply have an independent point of view on politics and current events. For this reason alone, Google has demonetized them by labeling their videos “extreme.”

Google labels independent media “extremist” by conflating critical thinking with Jihadi terror. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We live in a time now where corporate media is desperate to control the narrative of the extreme left and are colluding with corporate giant Google and YouTube (owned by Google) .

Under fire for making money off “extremist” videos featuring Jihadi terror tactics, Google has used the issue to deliberately conflate the term “extremist” to block revenues from videos that merely offer an independent point of view on current events.

Another word for demonize:

In effect, Google has now decided that any website which supports President Trump is “extremist” and must be “demonetized, censored or outright banned from its search results.”

media To the Left-leaning tech giants, any content that isn’t “progressive” is automatically considered “extremist,” even though advertisers who are horrified over Jihadi video content are often thrilled about supporting independent media., is an independent search engine that indexes independent media, and is becoming more popular. Good Gopher indexes thousands of “alternative media” websites while protecting the privacy of users with no search term tracking of users.

Leaders of independent media are now being targeted by Google for censorship and “demonetization.”

As part of an investigation into Google censorship, Think About It has noticed several other independent media publishers confirming they are all being targeted by Google / YouTube with demonetization censorship.

One independent publisher which did not want to be named, voiced concerns they are afraid Google will further punish them for speaking out against censorship.Their revenues have plummeted 80% since YouTube began its recent demonetization sweep.

Think About It has seen a 73% decrease in our already small income.

All News Pipeline, a popular “current events analyst” site that warns readers about the coming financial collapse, details the war on the independent media in this article that decries the fake “fake news” label being used to silence independent journalism.

ANP has also been targeted with censorship efforts from Google and YouTube, and the site relies on revenues from advertising storable food and other preparedness items.

Another independent publisher and pioneer in citizen journalism, Truth Stream Media, is turning to Amazon affiliate links to help boost its revenues.

Yet even this is nothing but a stopgap measure, as Truth Stream Media’s founders fully realize that Amazon is owned and operated by globalist Jeff Bezos, whose products (Echo, Kindle, Alexa) surveil customers in their own homes. (Bezos is also owner of the Washington Post, a fake news publisher that deliberately and repeatedly fabricates fake news to smear the Trump administration.

Truth Stream Media is no doubt seeking better revenue sources that don’t enrich globalist organizations like Amazon.

Some independant media websites are removing Google analytics code so that Google can’t spy on their readers.

A few weeks ago, Google blacklisted the entire Natural News website, removing 140,000+ pages from its index, based entirely on a fabricated technical excuse.

independent media After six days of punishment by Google, Natural News content was restored without explanation. This was clearly a “warning” from Google that if they didn’t stop growing and reporting the truth, they would be silenced by any means necessary.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo have all essentially declared a “war on truth” in order to silence voices they can’t control. You can support “Think About It” by using either our donate button on the website or using our new Patreon link.

How do they find sites to “ban?” Voice recognition technology turns spoken words into text so their bots can then scan for a list of “banned” keywords.

To accomplish the demonetization effort, YouTube’s servers use voice recognition technology to scan the audio of each video, translating audio into text transcripts. That text is then algorithmically compared to a manually chosen list of keywords and phrases that Google’s Left-leaning “social justice engineers” have decided are “extreme.”

Instead of merely focusing on terror-related keywords like “Jihad” or “bomb-making,” Google has added keywords likely to flag independent, pro-America media outlets and Donald Trump supporters.

Those keywords appear to include “patriot” or “storable food” or even “AR-15.” Other keywords are being flagged by the system in an effort to protect the monopoly profits of the pharmaceutical industry, which explains why terms such as “vaccines” and “mercury” are also being flagged by YouTube for demonetization censorship.

(Yes, Google now censors discussions of science and medicine if the opinions of the scientists don’t conform to the corrupt medical establishment.)

Google will probably soon add words related to “climate change deniers” to its list so that any person who speaks critically of the “climate change hoax” will also be financially punished.

At the same time, words of “intolerance and hatred” toward white people are openly allowed.

Words that call for violence against Donald Trump are richly rewarded, and attacks on the Christian religion seem to be applauded by tech giants like Google and Facebook.

The Left, is writhing with hatred and intolerance toward anyone who doesn’t openly agree with them. This is considered “tolerance” by the intolerant Left.

Google’s censorship algorithms have brought an “Orwellian” brand of censorship and oppression to the web! We are living in the last days of a world we once knew as free and open.

The chief executive of News Corp, parent company of The Sun and Times Newspapers, has warned that digital algorithms at Facebook and Google have “left us perched on the edge of the slippery slope of censorship.”

demonetizationThomson said: “The word Orwellian is flagrantly used and abused. But when it comes to the all-powerful algorithms of Google, Amazon and Facebook, otherwise known as GAF, Orwellian is unused.

Google goes full Orwellian… “word crimes” will now bankrupt your online business if you dare speak the truth.

The upshot of all this is that Google has gone full Orwellian and is using the crisis of Jihadi video revenues to unleash a punitive “demonetization scheme” that’s intended to bankrupt anti-establishment voices.

Like all Left-leaning technology companies, Google hates Christians but celebrates Islam. Google despises Trump supporters but celebrates Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt criminal minds in the history of U.S. politics. Google loves transgenders but hates straight white people. The list goes on…

Now, Google is translating its twisted political biases into censorship algorithms in order to silence the voices it doesn’t like by denying them revenues. This is clearly deliberate and intended to exert a kind of Orwellian thought control over the entire population by forcing content creators to make a choice:

You can either go along with the Google progressive delusions and be richly rewarded, or you can exercise independent views and be bankrupted.

Sounds like a precursor of the time mentioned in the Bible in the book of Revelations 13:16-18, “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Through this scheme, Google doesn’t even have to overtly block videos that espouse conservative or libertarian views… it can simply demonetize them and let the reality of revenue loss achieve censorship on its own.

No one can produce content for free, after all. Sooner or later, you run out of money to fund yourself. This is why we are now using the platform Patreon, hoping that if you find our content of value that you will support us.

If Google gets it way, we are soon going to wake up and find ourselves living in a society where conformity is mandated, and non-conformity means financial devastation.

Few publishers of original, independent-minded content can survive in an environment where the tech giants all conspire to silence the independent media through revenue demonetization. This only leads to a society rooted in conformist delusion, where obedience is demanded, independent thinking is punished, and free enterprise isn’t free unless you agree to censor your own thoughts, ideas and words to appease the totalitarian tech giants.

googleGoogle is now mandating what can be called “Liberal Fundamentalism” or a kind of “Jihad of the Left.”

In other words, Google is now becoming the very kind of extremist organization they claim to be censoring. They are at war with the truth, and they are happy to unleash any form of online weapon to achieve their fundamentalist goals of total liberal domination.

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