Google Is Removing All Opposition For Complete Control



is silently moving against the American people and when they complete the removal of opposition, they will have TOTAL control.

I’m amazed at the number of people that live in denial that anything like the holocaust could ever happen in America. We live in the generation of firsts.

Never, until now, have we ever seen record amounts of rain that rose above 51 inches in Houston, TX. NEVER say NEVER…

If the Independent Media had been around in 1963, Allen Dulles and David Rockefeller, would have been executed for their role in the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

The closest that this era of America ever came to an Independent Media was Daniel Ellsworth and the Pentagon Papers.  “What about Watergate and the Washington Post?” The Washington Post was just as dirty then as they are now.

mediaWatergate was an FBI leak designed to take Richard Nixon from office because he wasn’t playing ball with the globalists, with Vietnam. The globalists couldn’t risk another presidential assassination, so they used the Washington Post to promote regime change.

Life Without the Independent Media

If someone like Hillary Clinton was running for President in 1964, she would have been elected. In fact, the 1964 version of Hillary Clinton was elected to the Presidency, the name of the JFK assassination c0-conspirator,  was Lyndon Johnson. There was no Independent Media around to challenge the most thuggish President in American history from getting elected.

Today, the Independent Media kept Hillary from getting elected and delayed our planned entry into World War III as well as the citizen roundups that former Weathermen Underground leader, Bill Ayers spoke of when he told an FBI special informant, the late Larry Grathwohl, that 50 million Americans would have to be put into “re-education” camps.

Vietnam was as much about the “Golden Triangle” and the Heroin trade in Southeast Asia as it was about increasing the profits of the military-industrial-complex.

There was no Independent Media available during this time to shine light on the CIA’s criminal enterprise. Today, the Independent Media has fully exposed the fact that our troops guard the drug lords in Afghanistan. The coverage has been so intense that you’d have to be blind, as well as stupid not to be aware of this.

In 1913, there was no Independent Media available when the biggest bank heist in American history took place, namely, the  illegal act of creating the Federal Reserve.

In 1972, when President Nixon conspired with Kaiser Permanente’s Edgar Kaiser to create managed health care, which was designed to collect insurance premiums from Americans, while trying to deny care to as many people as possible, in this time they wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

Today, because of the Independent Media, we are fully aware of the Big Brother policies of Obamacare as well as the genocidal practices of age-related treatment exclusions in this fiasco of a healthcare plan. This is only possible because of the efforts on the Independent Media.

mediaWhen the Watts Riots were being facilitated by paid operatives of the FBI (ie Black Panthers), the public was clueless.

Today, if it wasn’t for the Independent Media, nobody would have ever heard of George Soros, Black Lives Matter,, the Southern Poverty Law Center and Antifa.

Many aware Americans are aware that the racial divisions in this country are artificially manufactured and they’re designed to promote civil conflict which will take down this nation in order that the NWO can establish a brutal dictatorial socialist and global nightmare of a government.

The United States is the “last man standing” in this arena and the only reason you know this is because of the “Independent Media.”

The role that the Independent Media plays in uniting Americans against Satanically-inspired tyranny is invaluable. Without the Independent Media you’d be fooled into thinking that Anderson Cooper was a “truth teller” and not the former CIA thug that he is. Without the Independent Media, you would be defenseless from the PSYOPS of the MSM.

The End of a Brief Era of Truth Telling

As many Americans are beginning to see CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times and ESPN for what they really are, the light of day that the Independent Media shines on “evil, greed and corruption,” is growing dim. In less than a year, Google has managed to virtually take down an entire industry. And who’s the loser? The American people are and humanity is now in great jeopardy.

Google Is a Globalist Organization and Wants 90% of You Dead

One of the keys to living a successful life is to be able to tell who your enemies really are. Sadly, the American people do not adequately support their best friend, the Independent Media.

The average American thinks nothing of spending their hard-earned money on absolute crap that they don’t need, but the desire to purchase that crap was placed in their brain by the corporate controlled media. Yet, when the Independent Media sells important, survival-enhancing products, many people accuse them of profiteering on a crisis.

googleSome Americans do support the Independent Media, but not nearly enough. Google’s full frontal assault on the Independent Media is no match from the mega giant internet power.

The Independent Media doesn’t have the financial reserves to survive the delisting practices of Google’s search engine or even “scrape by” on Youtube, where the Independent Media has been censored into financial oblivion.

Who really loses in this newest version of power, control and intimidation? YOU DO, America, you do!

When the coup is complete and the purge begins, America will never know what hit us because nobody will be left to write about it.

The globalist documents state they want to destroy 90% of humanity. Taking out America’s eyes and ears  (ie the Patriots command and control) is the last step before the purge. And if  history is any gauge, that time is almost upon us….

Can Anything Be Done?

There’s a lot that the American people could do to prevent the extinction of the Independent Media. However, when people write and complain about 3 minutes of commercials, per hour, on a radio show, it shows you that they really don’t understand that doing the work takes support.

America will not even do something as simple as boycott Google. There are solutions, but the American people refuse to break the “Pavlovian conditioning” to do nothing, while they still use the Google search engine.

No American should ever use Google. There are good alternatives such as Good and 

globalistsBut it’s too much work. If people took the time to write to the sponsors on Youtube and told them that they will not buy their products as long as Youtube (Google) keeps censoring the Independent Media, the censorship practices would most likely stop.

It won’t take an EMP to turn out the lights in America, it only takes censorship, combined with a largely “apathetic public.”

It’s Almost Time To Say Goodnight and Turn Out the Lights

Thomas Dishaw, the editor and creator of, has prepared a list of news sites in which most them will not be here in a year. 


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Dr. Greger



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