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Google Is The Enemy Of The State



has no regard for you or me. They have no regard for law or rights of citizens. They are literally building a prototype of a censored search engine for China that links users’ searches to their personal phone numbers.

The search engine, codenamed Dragonfly, was designed for Android devices, and will remove content deemed sensitive by China’s ruling Communist Party regime, like information about political dissidents, free speech, democracy, human rights, and peaceful protest.

That covers just about every area of our lives. Google compiled a censorship “blacklist” that included terms such as “human rights,” “student protest,” and “Nobel Prize” in Mandarin.

Google will now be “directly contributing to, or [becoming] complicit in, human rights violations.” Google data on the


mainland could be accessible to Chinese authorities, who routinely target political activists and journalists.

You know it will be. Google is writing special algorithms to assist China’s government to completely control their population. This means that individual people’s searches could be easily tracked – and any user seeking out information banned by the government could potentially be at risk of interrogation or detention if security agencies were to obtain the search records from Google.

GoogleIt will allow far more detailed tracking and profiling of people’s behavior,” said Cynthia Wong, senior internet researcher with Human Rights Watch. “Linking searches to a phone number would make it much harder for people to avoid the kind of overreaching government surveillance that is pervasive in China.”

People working for the joint venture will have the capability to update the search term blacklists, raising new questions about whether Google executives in the U.S. would be able to maintain effective control and oversight over the censorship. They won’t because the Chinese government won’t allow them to.

Dragonfly also appears to have been tailored to replace weather and air pollution data with information provided directly by an unnamed source in Beijing. The Chinese government has a record of manipulating details about pollution in the country’s cities.

One Google source said the company had built a system, integrated as part of Dragonfly, that was “essentially hardcoded to force their [Chinese-provided] data.” That raises concerns that the Dragonfly search system would be providing false pollution data that downplayed the amount of toxins in the air.

Google has so far declined to publicly address concerns about the Chinese censorship plans, did not respond to a request for comments and has refused to engage with human rights groups, ignored dozens of reporters’ questions, and rebuffed U.S. senators. They do whatever they please.

Jack Poulson, a former Google senior research scientist, and five other employees have resigned from the company due to Dragonfly. In his resignation letter,.Poulson said, “I view our intent to capitulate to censorship and surveillance demands in exchange for access to the Chinese market as a forfeiture of our values and governmental negotiating position across the globe.”

Is Google Implementing the AI Technology for the Persecution of Christians? China is the beta test and the elimination of American


is the goal.

The “purge” is beginning in China. The Chinese government is using an old Soviet Union strategy and have declared many churches to be “illegal” because they violate some mythical zoning code that continues to change every time the communist government encounters a church that truly preaches the word of God.

ChineseAll churches in China must now fly over its main worship building, the China’s national flag. They must pay homage to the Communist Party.

The Communist Chinese have employed thousands of “moles” that have infiltrated the churches. And in combination with social media spying, an enemies of the state list has been created and is being acted upon.

Google has provided the NSA and other associated agencies the same capability. This is actually not a new movement in America.

The infamous MIAC report (MIAC, a government collective that identifies the warning signs of potential domestic terrorists for law enforcement communities) defined an enemy of the state as someone who, in 2008, supported Ron Paul, supported the Second Amendment, was a Constitutionalist.

And in China when one appears on “the list”, what is the price of being on the “undesirables” list? Forced labor, forced organ transplants and even death.

The Communist Chinese are arresting, torturing, extracting organs and murdering Chinese Christians. The Christian concentration camps as I call them are in full operation.

Dave Hodges has interviewed multiple people who are intimately familiar with these heinous abuses perpetrated on God’s people.

Meanwhile, back in America, the falling away of the church and its leaders are in full evidence.

Over a period of time to many Pastors began to love money more than God. They’ve became subservient to the civilian authority over the word of God.

After reading a news account of how a young Chinese girl was put to death for distributing Bibles. I was so moved by the story that I contacted our lead pastor by email. He refused to involve himself of the Church in this issue as I received only a perfunctory response to merely pray for the victim. I am sorry, but faith without works is meaningless.

GoogleThis pastor had no interest in making this an issue with the members of the congregation. In a follow up interview, I asked if the victim’s life was any less precious because she was Chinese? (crickets chirping). There were other issues as well, but they paralleled this watershed event.

Preserving the tax exempt status of the church has become a primary goal of many churches, instead of serving God by identifying and acting against evil in our communities.

There was a time when we protested abortion. As the church grew and the offerings became significant, the clergy was more interested in staying compliant with the elected authority and their bureaucratic underlings.

Needless to say, we no longer attend that church. I confronted the pastor as to whether he was in the Clergy Response Team.

He refused to give me a straight answer. If you do not know what the Clergy Response Team is, I will provide the short answer. They are empowered and sanctioned by DHS.

The member pastors are trained to get the flock to be compliant with the illegitimate authority of the Obama administration by mindlessly repeating Romans 13 and “rendering unto Caesar” regardless of the violations of Christian doctrine.

Mindless obedience to an unconstitutional authority was the price paid by congregations so their greedy pastors could continue to collect offerings, tax free.

Dave previously published about how Pastor Walter Mansfield was even trained how to get future FEMA camp political prisoners to be compliant to the existing civilian authority. Today, this pastor is living in relative luxury in California.

Unfortunately, there are more churches who refuse to tackle the fundamental threats to Christianity and mankind than there are those who will.

ChristiansThe threats of losing their tax exempt status keeps many pastors “in line”. I recently heard Pastor David Lankford, a champion preacher of the word, say that most pastors are not worthy of the allegiance of their respective flocks. Although it’s true that tax exempt status rules, under Trump, have been somewhat relaxed.

However, pastors, in large part, refuse to tackle the controversial issues despite the fact that the threats constitute a clear and present danger to all.

I have never attended a local church where transhumanism and its inherent satanic evil is ever mentioned.

In China, if you profess to be a Christian, or promote a “Christian attitude,” your social point score can be greatly decreased and it can result in:

Loss of job
Loss of educational opportunities
Loss of home
Loss of freedom
Loss of Life.

Google set this system up for the Chinese. And now, we’re seeing the beginning of this Satanic system coming to America in the force of extreme censorship with consequences.

This citizen ranking and blacklisting mechanism is a pilot scheme of China’s Social Credit System. The stated Chinese mission is to “raise the awareness of integrity and the level of trustworthiness of Chinese society”.

Actions that can now harm one’s personal credit record include, not showing up to a restaurant without having canceled the reservation, cheating in online games, leaving false product reviews, and jaywalking.

They’re after anyone, or anything that does not worship the state. Christians are their number one target.


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