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Forcibly Medicated And Inhumane Practices In America

forcibly medicated

Americans live in a matrix of LIES and they don’t want to know about the abominations of the elites and politicians. It brings too much discomfort to us, and Americans are drunk on “convenience and comfort.” Anything that upsets that false paradigm is rarely tolerated.

Communist China’s re-education camps use “forced medication” to alter the minds of prisoners… Would America ever do that? Yes, and they do the same thing.

The Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang is a ruthless thought-control police state that arrests, imprisons, abuses, and forcibly medicates religious and political dissidents.

Agents of the Chinese government are “cleansing” Xinjiang of “extremist” beliefs. Police arrest Christians, Muslims, and other minorities that threaten the communist order. The Uyghur and Kazakh ethnic groups are targeted the most and the abuse of Christians is growing.

The innocent are taken to “training camps” so they can be forcibly medicated until they denounce their previous beliefs and commit their loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party.

And if you read the other article about the Chinese leading the UN take over troops coming to America, you understand why this is a preview for what may be here in America soon.

These inhumane places are called “political training centers” or “reformation centers.” The Chinese government has a quota to fill.

forced medicationPolice must aggressively target and arrest innocent people to satiate the demands of the communist state. The police are instructed to arrest people based on their appearance, whether they are in contact with anyone in neighboring Kazakhstan, or if they are suspected to be involved in religious activities. Sometimes visitors from Kazakhstan are arrested and separated from their families.

Once in the “reformation center” inmates are not allowed to contact their families. Propaganda is routinely used to brainwash the inmates, to strip them of their religious beliefs and cultural heritage.

Now the Chinese government are injecting the inmates with “unknown substances.” The China Aid Association, a Texas-based organization that reports on the abuses of Christians in China, reports that innocent inmates are suffering from memory loss and reproductive health issues because they are being forcibly medicated with unknown substances.

Parallels of forced medication and thought control in the U.S.?

This kind of medical force, used to achieve compliance, is used routinely in the USA. What is the difference between a communist police force in China forcing drugs on minorities and the Child Protective Services (CPS) kidnapping a child because the parents refused to comply with medication orders?

In America, children can be forcibly taken from their families if the parents refuse vaccinations or a Ritalin prescription. The child is then forcibly medicated against the parent’s consent.

The family is broken apart, similar to the separation that occurs in China’s “reformation centers.” Under SB277 in California, parents looking to enroll their child in a public school must submit their child to the vaccinations deemed necessary by the Pharma controlled government.

(Here’s a horror story related to this topic.)

A few days ago, a group of veterans based out of Tucson, Arizona, known as Veterans on Patrol (VOP), stumbled upon what they have good evidence to believe is a child sex camp.

americaThe group was searching for homeless veterans, part of their mission in trying to prevent veteran suicides. This is a worthy mission, considering the fact that more soldiers die by suicide than by combat.

On May 29th, the group was out with another organization called American Rehab Campuses, trying to pull drug addicts off of the streets, particularly those caught up in the opioid crisis.

They stumbled upon something by chance, and it was in a known human trafficking corridor with ties to the Mexican Cartels. When they found a structure powered by solar lights, they knew right away they had found something that certainly was not constructed by homeless people or drug addicts.

They found an underground chamber where young children apparently had been imprisoned, presumably as part of a pedophile sex trafficking ring. The group alerted local law enforcement and Homeland Security to investigate, and to bring out “cadaver dogs” to look for bodies, but they would not respond.

VOP (Veterans on Patrol) reports: “After nearly 24 hours of no Investigator showing and the Department of Homeland Security making a PHONE ASSESSMENT declaring that no Human Trafficking was occurring in our area… Alpha Company invited Fox News to come get a first hand look at rape trees, an underground child prison cell, and new construction going in to expand child holding capabilities.

This is occurring not on our Border… but in our own City… Tucson, Arizona. The Child Sex Traffickers took a hit when VOP and ARC discovered their secret Camp… but they will just move on and start again elsewhere (unless we find them first, and we are looking.)

Alpha Company would like to thank Nailer of Arizona Border Recon and Craig ‘Sawman’ Sawyer for assisting us last evening when the Child Sex Camp was discovered. Nothing to see here America… just innocence being raped and beaten from small children off the I-19 and Valencia exit in our own backyard.

“The mission was named Operation Backyard Brawl, #operationbackyardbrawl. As of last night, Sunday June 3, 2018, Lewis Arthur and another American veteran were in a stand-off with local authorities who were trying to stop their investigation, and they fully expected government forces to execute them. But things began turning around for them today, Monday June 4th.

When it comes to public schools, kids are routinely labeled with ADHD and prescribed drugs to force their minds to focus. This practice forces an education experience by abusing a child’s natural development. The child, medicated into compliance, is robbed of his ability to think, interact, and move.

There are other horrifying parallels occurring in the U.S. that look similar to the thought control police state in China. In 2012, former Marine Brandon Raub was arrested and committed to a psych ward for writing critically about the events of 9-11 on Facebook.

forced medicationAuthorities decided Raub was a threat after receiving complaints about his Facebook posts. Even though Raub owned no firearms and showed no signs of violence, he was arrested against his will for having a different viewpoint about history and the government.

In 2003, The U.S. Supreme Court erroneously ruled that the U.S. government, under circumstances, can forcibly administer mind-altering drugs to render criminal defendants competent to stand trial. This ruling gives the government the power to forcibly medicate the incarcerated, if officials can conjure a reason for it.

When it comes to controlling information to force political compliance, Facebook is working with the Associated Press and other “fact checkers” to restrict the “fake news” that people share on their platform.

This algorithmic manipulation of news and information is a brainwashing tactic. Much like the “reformation centers” in China use propaganda to strip groups of their beliefs and heritage, Facebook controls the information people can access to slowly change their beliefs and ideas.

The Facebook user might not be in a physical prison, but they’re slowly being indoctrinated in a sort of mental prison, as they physically isolate themselves to their Facebook feed, ingesting what Facebook wants them to “read, hear, and see.”

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