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Education By Globalists Teaching Your Children


There’s a famous line from the classic movie, “Animal House” where John Belushi said: “Did we give up after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

It’s an accurate quote that illustrates the folly of American


Today, our kids are taught the “lie of climate change” without the benefit of seeing any scientific methodology of how that theory was arrived at.

Social justice warriors patrol our university campuses looking to impose discipline for the slightest appearance of “incorrect views” in this false narrative rendition of “The Lord of the Flies“.

More and more Americans are realizing the futility of participating in the globalist world of anti Christian and anti-American values and then allowing these same forces to educate our children.

More of us are avoiding the K-Marts, the Walmarts and all of the slave marts. We’re buying precious metals instead of hording cash because we know where this is all headed.

More Americans are growing their own food. They’re shopping at the “mom and pop” stores as opposed to the corporate giants.

We’re going to “natural” doctors instead of the “cut it, burn it and poison it out” AMA approved doctors.

More than ever, Americans are going off the grid. More of us are holidng home Bible studies as opposed to attending a DHS Clergy Response Team controlled church who doesn’t just render unto Caesar, they are Caesar.

educationWith all the Americans working so hard to avoid the evil empire, then why in the world would parents give up their children to the public schools? The same ones controlled by the forces that have pushed millions of Americans into various degrees of alternatives to the main stream society?

How do we turn this around and defeat the globalists”? Im not sure we can anymore. We have a very dumbed down millennial population.

Disruptors in education:

The parents and grandparents have lost this country to a group of vicious and sociopathic bankers because for 3 generations, Americans have failed to turn off their TV sets and allowed the federal government to educate their children.

Under the Constitution, education is a power reserved for the states under the 10th Amendment. However, the federal government has learned the art of bribery, as withholds state tax money for failure to comply with policies like “No Child Left Behind, or, Common Core”. The states could retaliate and refuse to send their tax dollars to Washington, but that would take courage, the kind of courage and foresight that’s rarely displayed from our elected officials, even at the local level.

There are still some decent schools, but, an increasing number of parents are home schooling their children in order to keep them out of the clutches of the government and their failed educational policies.

There are good teachers and great schools in some places still, but there aren’t enough of them. We need to rescue our children from the propaganda of the state, before they’re totally indoctrinated to love their servitude and educate them in an environment that honors true knowledge, not blind obedience.

The Bible says in (Hosea 4:6) “My people perish from lack of knowledge.” The prophet was saying, God wants us to know Him. (Education to understand and know His will)


educationJust how dumb are we? The Intercollegiate Studies Institute did a study about civic literacy. They concluded that the average American is too dumb to vote intelligently.

American high school education:

The results were pathetic. Over 70% of the test, college students and elected officials flunked the 33 multiple choice question test which covered basic civics.

27% of the elected officials surveyed couldn’t even name one right, contained in the first amendment. How will we know when the country is placed under martial law? We won’t! But neither will the majority of our leaders.

Rick Shenkman, author of the book Just How Dumb Are We, found that 87% of American college students could not find Iraq on a map. In fact, he also found that:

– Only 1 in 5 know that we have 100 United States senators.

– Only 2 out of 5 citizens can name the three branches of the federal government.

– Only 20% of young Americans between the ages 18-34 read a newspaper daily. Only 11% said they surf for Internet news sites.

Among 18-24-year-olds in America:

-83 percent can’t find Afghanistan on a map

-76 percent can’t find Saudi Arabia

-70 percent can’t find New Jersey

-11 percent can’t find the United States


Students sitting in a classroom

Only 17% of college graduates understand the contrast between a “free market economy” and “centralized planning.”

This explains why America wasn’t rioting in the streets following the passage of the bail outs. What percentage of Americans actually believe that the Federal Reserve is both Federal and has reserves?

Pretty soon, 100% of Americans won’t be able to find their wallets.

If your child’s attending a public school, with rare exceptions, they’re being exposed to hedonistic beliefs that are being taught as normal.

American schools could best be described as “conformity factories” which are devoid of independent thinking.

Class Size
Public or private schools, with class sizes of 30-40 kids, doesn’t inspire creative or critical thinking. If large classes have to be on the same page, literally, those who learn faster are held back by those who are slower. Rote memorization does not lead to true understanding. Academic freedom has been sacrificed in the name of globaist-inspired mindless conformity. Remember, the globalists need you to be smart enough to do your job, but not so smart that you will question authority. In today’s public education, mindless conformity is the rule of the day with regard to teachers and students.

Teachers enter the profession to help kids and they believe they have the creative skills to bring out the best in their students. However, conformity kills creativity and that is the goal: To create a Pavlovian based society that starts with the rigid conditioning of the 50 million people that walk through the doors of a public education institution on a daily basis.


Doctor’s giving boy injection, close-up, sister in background

Mass Indoctrination
The public educational system has always been used as a tool for indoctrinating kids into whatever the currently accepted belief systems and standards of behavior are considered acceptable by the elite. Elementary students in San Bernadino, CA., made their students bow on one knee when they heard the teachers whistle. All across this country, all support of the Second Amendment is eviscerated from most schools (e.g. suspending children for drawing a gun, pointing a finger gun, playing imaginary war games on the playground by six and seven year old kids).

Mass Inoculations
Homeschooling your children can help them avoid the dangerous, required vaccinations and enforced psychotropic “medications”. There are many concerns of how children cope with the drudgery of forced institutional education by resorting to illegal drugs or prescription drugs obtained illegally.

Mass Illiteracy
It takes the schools of today far too many years to teach reading and writing skills along with basic grammar, and math. Most of the problem is the sheer class size. It should take only a few months to learn each of these basic skill sets for most. Today, about 40% of high school graduates are lacki these basic literacy skills.

Mass Cloning
A generation of making dedicated teachers teach the exact same thing, using the exact same methods, has produced an educational cloning factory. This is one of the reasons why teachers leave the profression so early in their careers, because their indivdual talents are stifled in the name of conformed mass instruction. This type of education produces a conditioned response in our children, instead of free and independent thinking. It’s an excellent propaganda tool where the tail wags the dog.

Mass Deception
Robert Kennedy Jr. once said that, “Americans are over entertained and under informed.” You can help switch that around by exposing your children to texts and videos that are not allowed throughout all the grades of public education.

How about teaching children how the Federal Reserve system is ripping them off and has been for a century in which the dollar has slipped in value to less than four cents. How about teaching our children how to balance a checkbook?

educationHow about allowing children to pursue what they love, learn real history, engage in a critical analysis of the present political leadership and most of all, let’s have them learn what the research says about real contentment and long lasting happiness?

Our children need to be challenged in ways that are appealing to them. The establishment is interested in using school as an instrument of indoctrination and teaching that the state is sovereign, not the people.

If your child is fortunate enough to have teachers and a Principal who cares about the students and provide a quality education that will successfully carry them into post-secondary education, they are blessed.

These teachers need to be paid a salary above and beyond starvation wages. Almost half of our teachers leave the profession in the first five years of their career. The working conditions provided for teachers and administrators in states like Alabama, Mississippi and Arizona are abysmal and the rest of the country is beginning to follow suit.

School choice is a popular theme in today’s education world and it should be fully exercised. Shop for the best school and if you can’t find one that fits your standards in your community, then consider home-schooling your children. Home school children score dramatically higher on standardized tests.

Politicians frequently offer a scathing analysis of our schools so they can impose their will upon our children. You don’t want the government making choices for your child because you’ll get a finished product that you may not recognize.

All Americans need to demand a return to local control where the Principals and autonomous school boards are making choices for your children, instead of a “globalist think-tank bureaucrat” who doesn’t know, or care for your child.

The banker-run state has accomplished their goal in subverting the Constitution and turning us into passive sheep who are incapable of challenging authority. If we hope to mount any resistance against the tyranny which has taken over our country, we need to remove the tyrants incessant voice from the ears of our children.

The best reason to home school your children is to reintroduce God into their lives and into learning.

Home school children consistently outperform public schools, home school your children!

THOMAS JEFFERSON said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

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  1. Hi Steve, I thank Jesus and God for you bringing the truth to us. I watch all your videos and pass your information on to everyone I know. God bless you Steve and your family. I only wish I was truck driving again so I could stop by and shake your hand and tell you how much your appreciated. I thank you again for all your hard work at bringing us the truth. May God bless you all.

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