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Dismantling the Red Dawn Threat

red dawn

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In the past several months, I’ve laid out the facts from news and reliable sources as to what is really happening in our country. I won’t win any awards for the revelations that are coming out. My reward is warning my fellow Americans as to what is likely coming in the hope that they can make “life-changing” and sometimes, “life-saving decisions.”

Today’s topic fits into this paradigm.

The Red Dawn Threat

In the past, I’ve written about the threat that lies in Central and South America, which is generally referred to as a Red Dawn invasion. This term is based on the 1984 movie, Red Dawn which depicted an invasion force that entered the United States through our southern border.

Yes, there really is a Red Dawn force that’s been put together by three primary agents, namely, Russia, China and the United Nations.

In the past I have extensively detailed the military alliances formed by China and Russia in Central and South America and they are decidedly anti-American. A few years ago, CELAC (ie Latin America) held a meeting of the Americas and excluded Canada and the United States. We are surrounded by enemies.

I have been adamant on the point that when America is sufficiently weakened, we will be invaded Red Dawn style. However, unlike the 1984 movie, we will also be hit by embedded terrorist sleeper cells (eg ISIS, MS-13, and the cartels) that are under the control of Russia, China and the UN.

The average American has no idea what’s coming. And as Steve Quayle has said on many occasions, “what is coming is no longer coming, it’s already here.”

Trump Is Dealing with the Red Dawn Threat by (Temporarily) Dismantling It At Its Core

President Trump, true to his book, The Art of the Deal, is very much proving to be the master of the deal. He is in the process of dismantling the core of the Red Dawn threat that looms large over the fate of all Americans.

There have been two recent events that speaks directly to his dismantling of the Red Dawn threat. When I say “dismantling,” I don’t mean “eliminating.” The Red Dawn threat remains real, but it’s under attack from the Trump administration.

El Salvador

If I were President for a day, I would make El Salvador a deal that they couldn’t refuse. Why? Because, in the past, the Sanchez-Parades drug cartel (ie the Peruvian military banking/drug cartel) has set up terrorist based paramilitary training camps in El Salvador.

The participants include Middle East terrorist groups and the cartels and they are being trained to invade the United States when the time is right. People like Kathy Rubio, who have been to these camps, have shared this truth.

Oh by the way, the operation is also overseen by our treasonous CIA. If you think the CIA, at its core, serve the United States, you have not been paying attention. Yes, there are loyal Americans who work at the CIA, but they are not making the major decisions, the Deep State apparatus of the CIA is serving its own purpose and they are very much a New World Order organization operating at the executive level.

President Trump is attacking El Salvador by using the carrot rather than the stick. Pastor Sam Honnold, disclosed unreported news from Central America, and sent the following information which collaborates what some knew to be true.

…Salvadorean President Nayib Bukele came on board with the bigger plan yesterday in a shocking reversal of policy. El Salvador has long been the bad apple of Central America, openly allied with Chavismo (Venezuelan Communism) and hostile to the USA.  All that changed in one big day Friday, and El Salvador appears overwhelmingly behind their president in doing so (his approval rating is 93%). 

US DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan (whose wife is Salvadorean) and Salvadorean Chancellor Alexandra Hill Tinoco signed the migration agreement and then took questions. 

There is uncertainty as to specifics of the implementation but Hill Tinoco, speaking Spanish, stated the first priority is to take down the violent gangs.  Gang war has stifled the Salvadorean economy, terrorized the populace, and driven human trafficking/caravan formation. 

Salvadorean gangs, or maras, are some of the most notorious and violent in the world, including the 18th Street Gang and famed rivals MS-13, often referenced (and vilified) by Donald Trump.  These gangs will be crushed immediately by US armed action and their extortion schemes terminated with extreme prejudice…  

President Bukele has only been on board for about 100 days and he has already broken ranks with the CIA-backed paramilitary forces training in El Salvador. Now, the good President needs to worry very much about assassination that would be planned by the CIA and carried out by either MS-13 or the 18th Street Gang, the known assassins for this group.

Chancellor Hill Tinoco signed another agreement of great import earlier yesterday with the Organization of American States.  This body of American nations, which has taken a turn toward convervatism under Secretary General Luis Almagro of Uruguay, will be overseeing the CICIES anticorruption oversight commission rather than the Globalist and Left-leaning United Nations. 

CICIES, or the Commission International to Combat Corruption & Impunity in El Salvador, will oversee prosecution of corrupt public officials and organized crime, including Salvadoran and trans-national gangs.  A similar OAS delegation (including a US delegate) was turned away by authorities in neighboring Nicaragua on Sunday…it appears that dictator Daniel Ortega was not open to transparency into his government or investigation of his latest (highly suspect) election. 

All of these nations agreed to such inquiry in the OAS Interamerican letter of 2001; they agreed that a rupture of democracy in any member nation is a threat to the stability of the region and will be investigated in this way. 

If you read this website often, you may recall the recent videos of massive amounts of tanks being rolled out by the Russians in Nicaragua. Make no mistake about it, this was a Russian temper tantrum reaction to this breakthrough by the Trump administration in Central America. Trump is bucking the CIA and as the Kennedy family could accurately state, this is very dangerous territory for this President.

There is a second development that cannot go unnoticed, unless of course, you’re a die-hard coincidence theorist. As reported in the Las Vegas Sun, the lights were turned out on five Central American countries including El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and portions of Guatemala and Panama… a strange coincidence.  

It’s been reported that the US military is preparing for an EMP attack and have taken countermeasures in communications and transportation. Trump has turned the tables on this threat and sent a clear message by taking down the grid of these 5 countries, that their infrastructure could be eliminated by the push of an EMP button.

Why El Salvador? This, I’m certain, was to ensure 100% cooperation with the dismantling of this force. In addition, did you catch the reference to the US forces taking down MS-13 in El Salvador? Any President of El Salvador lives in fear of this group and this is the carrot, along with economic aid that the President is offering. Trump is in the process of cutting off the legs of the Red Dawn force.

Also, a DEA source has revealed that American submarines are interdicting Chinese shipments of Fentanyl into Central America for distribution to the United States which is an act of war by the Chinese government. Trump is slowly but surely reversing the tide of power directed at the US.

Don’t Celebrate, Just Yet

Trump’s motives are not coming purely from his desire to protect the American people, at least, not entirely. We have put additional troops in Saudi Arabia. Two sources have said the original timetable for military action against Iran was to be in March-June. However, the timetable is being moved up to later this year.

Trump cannot expend troops and material to the Middle East, maintain a war effort under threat of attack from Southern border which would be weakened by the fact that the majority of the troops will be in the Middle East. Therefore, Trump is making moves in the here and now to neutralize much of the threat from Central and South America.

Russia’s massive tank display in Nicaragua was a clear emotionally-based message that Trump’s strategy will not work. But it is indeed working. Russia is going to be forced to decide if they’re going to fall on their sword over Iran. Subsequently, it’s clear that Trump is protecting his military in the Middle East by attacking the Red Dawn forces, in the here and now.

Will it work? The jury is out. And if Trump was merely serving the needs of the American people, he would be dealing with social media censorship in a  much harsher manner, which he is clearly not!

It is my personal opinion that President Trump’s actions will not entirely negate the Red Dawn threat. The effect of what Trump is doing is merely to slow it down so a war can be prosecuted with Iran and possibly Russia. 

The Real Reason Behind War with Iran?

Near the end of WW II, the globalists of that day decided to make the US the superpower. They dubbed the dollar to be the world’s reserve currency. That meant that any country desiring to buy Middle East oil had to first purchase federal reserve notes and use the FRB’s to purchase oil.

About a decade ago, Putin rebelled against globalist banking interests and formed the BRICS (ie Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). These nations would bypass the dollar and purchase oil from Iran in gold.

The globalist bankers decided that over time they would conquer the Middle East and take away Iran as a source of oil to the BRICS. To Putin’s credit he saw this coming and began to sink his Russian hooks into Venezuelan oil. The US responded by destabilizing the country to the point where they cannot conduct any meaningful business. IF there is a WW III, this is what the core issue is about.

Do not be deceived by fake arguments of patriotism and don’t fall for false flag attacks like the recent one on Saudi oil. The globalists will have their war which will decide currency and oil production dominance. You, as Americans, will have to decide if you’re going to let your sons die in the next war AGAIN for banker profits.   

About the Author

Steve Allen
About the Author: I’m just another voice crying out for truth in a society that seems content to stay asleep. My name is Steve Allen and I’m the publisher of and The controversial opinions in this article are either mine alone or a guest author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the websites where my work is republished. This article may contain opinions on political matters, but it is not intended to promote the candidacy of any particular political candidate. The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only. Those responding to this article by making comments are solely responsible for their viewpoints, and those viewpoints do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Steve Allen or the operators of the websites where my work is republished. Follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and any way that you can share these articles with others is a great help. Thank you, Steve

2 Comments on "Dismantling the Red Dawn Threat"

  1. Michael Fogarty | October 7, 2019 at 9:47 am | Reply

    Steve, I want to thank you for reporting these types of stories. I am a Christian that has a hard time discerning fake from real “news” with all the technology available publicly showing the ability to recast videos of anyone at anytime saying anything that they want the fake image to say. My wife’s BIGGEST fear is taking a news report that she may believe to be true to find out it was not true and against what God has ordered us to do, “Be IN the world but not OF the world” and “Deal shrewdly with the world as the world will undoubtedly be shrewd with you for the world hates you as the world hates Me”. She is caught like a deer in oncoming headlights which for the devil is just as good as killing a Christian. If they are not fighting against the devil there is no threat to the devil. I try to coach her along but in kindness, not fear, as all Christians know their walk with our Lord is not going at the same pace as our walk with the Lord. It clearly states in the Bible that “Who are we to know when the Lord will reveal Himself to others, our spouses, children, or friends. Our job is to be the “waterboy” to the garden of life by giving each person more knowledge of Jesus to help quench their thirst and feed the hunger of spiritual lack in their lives. We may just be the sower of the seed not the harvester of them. Let them go if they go but let them stay if they want to stay and learn.
    This is what YOU Steve do for me and my family. I have been wanting to tell you this for at least the past year. I am a disabled man near 50 but when 18 had a MVA or moving vehicle accident that left me dead, a broken skull in 3 places, blind in one eye, spine detached from base of skull but not torn out of the brain. These injuries led me to a coma where Jesus visited me. My life changed that day. My family was told IF I came out of my coma, these facts would be just that, facts in my “new” way of living if i lived at all:
    1) I would be paralyzed from at least my waist down but more than likely due to the type of disc damage and spinal cord damage it would be from my neck down.
    2) I would be blind permanently in my eye
    3) If, again if, I came out of it I also would be in a vegetative state due to the bones puncturing my frontal lobe on the right side of my brain with bone fragments from the skull and lastly,
    4) I would need 24/7/365 care to eat, clean my diapers, dress and clean up.
    I was in the coma for 3 days. When I came out I was given a hand squeeze system to ask questions with 1 and only question of “What happened to me?” was figured out. My mom told me that I crashed and I immediately had a heart attack to be revived this time without slipping back into my coma. God showed me many things in my coma, (If you are interested in that testimony message me at my email and I will gladly do it for you my brother) that I had to choose from which in final instance of choices I decided to come back to my body but pleaded mercy for my lack of knowledge of our Lord. He is all powerful and merciful as just 13 days later I physically WALKED out of that hospital thanking the doctors and nurses verbally (all to prove the doctor’s knowledge that God’s power is mightier than their best guesses). The road to full recovery was very challenging still but I now am a lighthouse to those in the dark like you are for me. I watched dozens if not a hundred or so of your videos and share some that catch me by surprise. I know God speaks in your messages and thank you again for being strong enough to take on the devil and his minions by putting on the full armor of God each day. You have helped open dialogue with some i never believed could be reached. I even have strong talks with a friend who is a self proclaimed Satanist. My goal is to turn him away from Satan and it has definitely impacted this man to message me with questions on “what does the Bible say about this?” as the signs we see from revelations has made it easy to break the ice with him. I feel this is MY new calling, to be a lamp in the darkness, a light tower in the “Sea of Blackness” that the world is an island in.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. It was part of my “Daily Scavenger Hunt of God’s hidden in plain site daily messages to me. Each of us have our own “Daily hunt” and i pray I am one for you the day you read this. We never know where God sends us or the impact we have at the time but everything happens for a reason, there is no such thing as coincidence. What you are supposed to hear you will hear and what you are supposed to see you will see. Even if it is improbable, no matter what it is, if all the lies and fake news is stripped away, whatever is remaining, however unbelievable or improbable, is the truth of each matter. Our daily hunt brings us to the stripped down truth in the oddest of ways. Maybe a Billboard read while driving, a verse in a song you hear as background music while shopping, an ad on TV as you are flipping the channels but hear one sentence, example of “Does this happen to you..” click channel “Don’t be fooled..” click “It is right outside your door..” to the next be a mail person walking nearby yelling “You forgot something!..” That hunt style of us putting together the message. It May not register for days or weeks or even months but the day comes when that info pops in our heads by God to use it as it was intended for. It is an amazing feeling while this happens to me. I have been teaching others how to find the clues in their daily hunt. I hear a lot of positive feedback on this. I hope I did not talk your ear off, like i mentioned earlier, i have wanted to message you for quite some time now and a lot of built up energy was released into this for you.

  2. Swiss and Vatican are the only two countries that have a square flag.The first CIA and FBI director were Swiss.

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