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Deception On A Level America’s Never Seen




of America and terrorist groups are destroying


from within and most Americans are in a stupor of this fact!

The treason of Hillary Clinton was openly displayed for the entire nation to see.

If not for her long-time protege, James Comey, Hillary would have been the first major domino of the “minions of the Deep State” to be headed to prison.

This comparison between Clinton and Snowden is so stunningly accurate in this 1984 type America we now find ourselves living in, where the following perverse beliefs are in evidence for all the world to see:

Treason is patriotic – Peace is war – Love is hate – Up is down – Patriotism is treason… and on and on. A Twilight Zone of twisted standards leaving all normal standards behind.

There is such a strong spirit of deception in the last days…. deception in relationships, root of a lying spirit, signs of lying in relationships and deceptive behavior in relationships.

americaThomas Jefferson made it clear that he didn’t create the Second Amendment because he feared the French or the British; Jefferson feared the “special interests” within the United States that threatened the liberties of every American.

Jefferson could have could have been writing in 2017 America and you couldn’t tell the difference. America is filled with violent, extreme terrorist groups who have been dedicated to the take down of the United States and this plot is multi-generational.

Under the


administration, Obama appointed people from the Muslim Brotherhood, to such high government positions, particularly in the Department of Homeland Security.

The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the largest and most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world and even Hillary Clinton got into the treason/sedition act when a known operative of this organization, a person whose family had an intimate affiliation with this organization, became the top aide in the State Department to Clinton. That person, was Huma Abedin.

Abedin was widely known to be a central participant in Hillary”s felonious email scandal. It’s widely known that Abedin has several classified emails on her own personal server as does Abedin’s former husband, disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner. Weiner is now serving 27 months in prison as a result of a plea deal. Yet, Clinton and Abedin go untouched to this point in time.

It’s not a crime to be a Muslim, but it is a crime to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and occupy a high position in the United States government.

There are times when it feels like there are no Americans or patriots left to run our government. Do you remember when it was revealed that Obama’s brother was found to be occupying a high position within the Muslim Brotherhood? Malik Obama was the head of finance and arms procurement for the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s impossible to make this stuff up.

Sadly, The Treason Extends to Congress… Elizabeth Warren, the Trojan Horse of the Middle Class.

deceptionShe and Senator Kamala Harris are Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers. The most senior terrorist group in the world, is the Muslim Brotherhood.

These 2 belong to their front organizations for the Muslim Brotherhood. Trevor Louden has fully exposed this in his new documentary, “The Enemies Within.”

Over 80 Democrats in Congress fit this MO. And now you know why they had a tantrum when Trump is pausing immigration in order to screen immigrants who come from a part of the world that rightfully hates America. Does this fit the definition of treason? I’d say it does.

What Did Joe McCarthy Really Know?

In my younger years, I used to believe that Senator Joseph McCarthy was a “nut case.” Now, I understand his concerns over the communist infiltration of the State Department were right on the money.

Since I found out about the Huma Abedin’s’ in our government, it makes me wonder why McCarthy died at such a young age during his persecution of these people.

Joe McCarthy Is Probably Rolling Over In His Grave…

Former President Obama’s communist affiliations, began as a child, and continued well into his adulthood.

Because of the good work of Joel Gilbert, who discovered that Obama was active with a Weathermen Underground support group known as The May 19th Communist Organization, in New York.

Maybe this is why the founder of the Weathermen, Bill Ayers, was visiting Obama at the White House on a regular basis.

Ayers and his convicted felon wife, Bernardine Dorne, have been part of the communist mindset all their lives.

It’s also very interesting to note that both Senior White House Advisors, David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett were both Weatherman Underground “Red Diaper Babies,” meaning, they were the son and daughter of well-to-do parents who desired communism and lived out their dreams through their children’s revolutionary activities.

Other notable “red-diaper” babies also include Rahm Emanuel and Eric Holder.

obamaValerie Jarrett’s situation is especially interesting, in that her family and the Ayers family have been multi-generational friends which also included a marriage between the two families.

Much of the Obama administration is a “nest of communists” and this should gravely concern every American citizen.

It was the convicted felons, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorne who launched State Senatorial candidate Obama’s political career from their Hyde Park, IL. living room, according to the late Larry Grathwohl, a former FBI undercover operative who penetrated the Weathermen Underground. Hollywood couldn’t write a better movie, with this much intrigue.


Obama’s Communist Background:

Frank Chapman, Obama’s real father (see Joel Gilbert’s investigation), was a communist activist and a member of the communist front group known as the “World Peace Council.”

Chapman specifically used the term “mole” to describe Obama. He said Obama’s political climb and subsequent success in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries was “a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle.” Chapman stated that, “Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary ‘mole,’ not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through. “The Communist Party USA backs Obama to the hilt.” It is clear that Obama is their man! Obama is Stalin 2.0.

Fox News Reporter, Lou Dobbs Exposes Obama’s Shadow Government On Air:

obamaAmazingly, Lou Dobbs exposes Obama’s construction of a shadow government. The shadow government has one purpose, namely, the removal of President Trump from office and the return of Obama to power. Yes, Obama has transposed himself from King George to George Washington. This possibility is still alive today.

At the heart of the plot to destroy America is the CALEXIT movement on the West Coast and Obama’s OFA (Organizing For Action) on the East Coast.

The communist revolution has begun in earnest and most people can’t see it right in front of their noses.

There’s a new group that’s coming into front and center and it is called “Antifa.” This is a George Soros creation which stands alongside, which has infiltrated the State of Jefferson movement and, the agitator group known as Black Lives Matter.

I’m shocked that so many people are still not aware of Antifa. Antifa is really a marxist/communist subversive group.

America keeps getting hit with wave after wave of subversive groups all designed to take down our country. And what most people don’t understand, is that they are are succeeding.

Our country’s fate is hanging by a thread, but the new terrorist groups of, BLM and Antifa are merely an extension of the Weatherman Underground, the Muslim Brotherhood and the American Communist Party.

They’re all designed to do one thing, rob you of your freedom and your very lives.

It is time to wake-up America, because things may get VERY ugly pretty soon if we don’t stand up and support law in America again!

The deception of America is ongoing and the deluge of terrorist groups that are destroying America from within better wake us up, because we can’t afford to let it happen.

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