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China’s Plans To Take America

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Billionaire investor Peter Thiel says one reason for Google aiding in the transfer of AI technology to the Chinese military in favor of America is that “woke” Google employees are anti-American and prefer China to the U.S.

Thiel appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show following his call on Sunday for Google to be federally investigated for allowing itself to be infiltrated by the Chinese and the “treasonous decision” to hand them secretive technology.

Thiel said Google employees are “aiding the Chinese military in the transfer of advanced technology because of their progressive politics.”

Why is Google working with the Communist Chinese military on breakthrough AI technology, Thiel said, the “fear that China would acquire the technology anyway via the back door if it was not given to them.”

Thiel also said, another explanation is the far-left political environment that dominates Silicon Valley.

“There’s probably a broad base of Google employees that are ideologically super left wing, sort of woke, and think that China’s better than the U.S. or that the U.S. is worse than China – it’s more anti-American than anything,” said Thiel.

Now, President Trump said, “We ‘will take a look’ into Peter Thiel’s claims of Google working with China.”

President’s Tweet Tuesday July 16, 2019

China has war plans which will be implemented against the United States, and most of the information was derived from a leaked Chinese document that included the transcript of the Chinese Defense Minister’s comments to the Central Committee of the Chinese Party.

The United Nations has transferred control of its economic programs and social-cultural-educational programs to the Chinese. Also, the UN is on board with the Chinese rebranding the meaning of human rights from being one of “protecting individual liberties” to “earning the right for economic participation” (eg Mark of the Beast and Social Credit System). 

From a globalist perspective, the US must be destroyed as it is the number one barrier to the full implementation of the satanically inspired New World Order. And, Americans, themselves, must also be totally destroyed because of their “proclivity to believe in individual liberties” and their “propensity to defend their rights” with 300 million guns estimated to be in private American hands.

America and Americans are targeted for complete obliteration by both the Chinese and the United Nations. 

Here is a summary of the 5 parts:

  • Part 1– The domestic reasons the Chicoms feel it necessary to send millions of colonists to the United States.
  • Part 2– The planned methodology for the elimination of the American threat by committing genocide against the United States through the use of bioweapons that are genetically based. 
  • Part 3– The Chinese are facilitating a Chinese takeover of the planet. 
  • Part 4– The Chinese are beta testing the use of bioweapons against the United States through the weaponization of selected immigrants. Interview with Paul Martin.
  • Part 5 of this series deals with the number one economic reason that Chinese want hundreds of millions of colonists to occupy the United States. 

Is There A Silver Lining”

We do not have to fear a Chinese nuclear attack and that is at least some good news. Not only did Chinese Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, state this openly in a leaked government document which expressed Chinese war plans intended to utterly devastate the United States, he stated that genetic specific weapons would be used to commit mass genocide against the United States while leaving the infrastructure and the 12 million Chinese alive in which only non -Chinese would perish 

The Internet is filled with new revelations that the Chinese are employing laser beam technology to induce earthquakes. This is a cover story for the false flag that’s coming which will use the same technology and serve to assist the Chinese in taking over the United States. And what do the Chinese get for their trouble? They get our substantial mineral wealth.  Here is what I have learned. 

The United States Is Not Poor

Contrary to what the power brokers would have you believe in order that you’ll give up your pension, cut your wages, and settle for the life that people live in a third world country, the globalists want you to believe that your nation is broke and there is nothing you can do about it. In fact, the opposite is true. 

I am calling on President Trump to expose the fact that the United States of America is awash in an unimaginable amount of mineral wealth. What belongs to the people has been transferred, in the greatest theft in world history, from the workers and consumers to the government as well as the banks and the portfolios of the criminal elite gangsters which control the politicians with insider-trading and outright bribes. 

Previously the biggest theft in world history was committed by the Federal Reserve as its banks are able to loan against the value at a ratio of 9 to 1 in this modern day version of fractional reserve banking. However, the biggest theft of American assets is literally happening right under our noses.

The banks will soon forsake their holdings as the government will move to “nationalize” every bit of mineral resource wealth in this country under Executive Order 13603 or an updated version of the same. 

Today, ONLY 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined. Despite this disheartening statistic which reveals the wealth imbalance in this country, our nation has never been wealthier.

Far beneath the ground, the federal government and its bankster puppeteers, own the rights to mineral and energy leases, from which they receive royalties, rents, and bonus payments, according to the the Institute for Energy Research, an industry group

According to their estimates, the government states that the assets are worth $128 trillion. That’s almost eight times the national debt. “These resources could be leased to third parties and could subsequently earn the state and national government huge royalties, rents, and bonus payments that estimates could total almost $150 billion over 10 years, just for the oil and gas leases alone”. 

Then why isn’t this being done? Simple, ask yourself who would lose money if this were to come to fruition? These vast resources have been promised to the Chinese and they are moving to take possession after they commit the genocide Wei Fenghe discussed in the leaked document. This is the major reason why the Chinese need to occupy America after the vast majority of Americans are dead. 

Already, the Chinese are in Hawaii to take possession of what gold America has left and this is old news, dating back at least three years. 

The Chinese run our solar energy business with their military front corporations. Their soldiers are embedded and ready to act.

In the past several years, we have learned that a series of international “inland ports” will be created in conjunction with known mineral rich areas and control of these areas will be handed off to the Chinese. Furthermore, the Chinese military will be stationed around these inland ports to ensure safety and security of the Chinese investment and its mining and geological personnel. This will be the foothold of their invasion force.

But there’s a much more ominous reason why the Chinese troops will soon be a common occurrence on American soil. This will constitute only the beginning of the short-range take over the Chinese have planned for America. Confirmation of the fact that the Chinese will soon be taking possession of American mineral resources, comes from a former CIA agent in an interview conducted over three years ago. 

He unequivocally stated that China will be taking control of our mineral rich land resources in repayment for the tremendous debt the United States owes China. This would be a revelation that some will challenge because the “bury my head in the sand crowd” is frightened by the revelations. This is not new and represents a plan in action.

America’s Debt Could Easily Be Paid By Our Vast Mineral Wealth

As it’s been widely reported, America has three levels of debt which needs to be examined in context with this stunning revelation of largely unknown mineral wealth: 

  1. National Deficit of $22 trillion dollars
  2. Unfunded liabilities ($238 trillion dollars) in the form of Social Security, Medicare, etc.
  3. Derivatives debt estimated at between $1 quadrillion to $1.5 trillion dollars.

Trump has improved the economy, but the debt has worsened and this is our Achilles heel. As one can clearly see, we can pay off our immediate bills and cover more than half of our unfunded liabilities. The derivatives debt should be repudiated because it is the result of illegal banker investments.

America has the ability to stem the debt tide. With the development of these assets along with getting rid of the parasitic Federal Reserve, America could be back on the path of national prosperity. However, this does not fit into the globalist agenda which seeks to totally destroy America as well as most of the people within the country. China has bought our debt and now they are owed and Wei Fenghe stated, they are coming to collect after most of us are already dead. 

America Facing The Globalist Agenda

The globalists goal is to establish a one world government and a one world economic system (which is nearly complete) and is ruled with extreme authoritarianism and brutality in a futuristic version of neo-feudalism.  To accomplish these goals, there can be no Bill of Rights and American prosperity must be obliterated.

This is where we’re at as America is being torn down “brick by brick” and we live in a country that is being targeted by the CHICOMS for the elimination of 90% of the American population. 

Why hasn’t Trump removed the United States from the United Nations? Only God knows that for sure… I sure don’t.

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Steve Allen
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6 Comments on "China’s Plans To Take America"

  1. Rascal Jasper | July 18, 2019 at 8:13 am | Reply

    How to take over the “slumberites of America”
    1. Kill the public internet, wait a week then….
    2. Blackout power grid, wait a month…
    3. Neutron bomb populace – to save remaining structures
    4. Unleash sleeper soldiers/colonist to harness slave labor
    Warning “Dark times” for our nation
    Repent change your ways USA
    America Bless God

  2. You are now behind. Patriots have been awake and know this. Chinese and Russian military were here for years during Obama. Haven’t heard any reports about them since Trump took office. Please don’t be solely negative.
    I am a Biblical (and history) student for more than a few years. I also studied theology but it is also full of “doctrines of men”. When I recognized we had been given a reprieve in answer to the multitudes’ pleas, the “doctrinal timeline” of the end of days I had thought I understood was thrown on its head. Prayers for understanding produced a new insight I will share: The sheep and goats are being separated. Peace and security cannot come under a global government, it must come FIRST. And, when the peoples SAY they have peace and safety, THEN sudden destruction will come. THIS begins as the chaos of the globalists fighting and forcing their will on the peoples. Death, pestilence, etc. And, THEN the judgement. Whether that’s a few years away or decades I don’t know. Yes, Trump is heralding the march toward the end because he IS called to fight against the evil. Obviously, it is not time, yet.
    Stand firm on the Word and remain in Him and in brotherhood with each other.

  3. As Christians in the last days are we to completely abandon our lives work, career, family etc. to share the gospel and/or current affairs?

    • We don’t need to “abandon” anything except those sins which try and weigh us down. Sharing and “living” the Gospel is what we’re to be about.

  4. Republican?, Democrat? It’s a Dog And Pony Show! When the cameras go off the two parties are walking across the isle and patting each other on the back and telling each other what a great job they did. Only the Republicans are much better actors and have to play a role that is much more difficult to play. And that role is just being normal with a real concern for the American people and our rule of law. Anyone who has been in politics knows this.

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