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China Declares War On US

china at war with US
February 17, 2012--Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, left with With U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, shows off a chocolate-covered macadamia nut, given to him by Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, at the start of a meeting of Chinese and American governors, at Disney Hall, in downtown Los Angeles.

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The Chinese have declared war on the U.S. and most people don’t even know it’s happening. The “pandemic” is a major part of the New World Order backed plot, with the complete involvement and support of the Chinese government, corporate media, all social media and big pharma!

It is the MOST insidious plan ever conceived to deceive and destroy America and the people in it. If you think this is an “exaggeration” of the events of the past 9 months, simply start paying attention to the events of each new day! You will soon realize the dystopia is at our door and unless we stand against this demonic attack, we will be consumed like raw meat thrown to a junk yard dog!

Chinese state media is arguing that “the world has been deceived by American values of freedom and democracy.” “Now, the US’ values are much too vulnerable, and the country’s global leadership is declining”

In an openly tyrannical propaganda attempt, Chinese state media attempted to argue Monday that the world has rejected ‘American values’ of freedom and democracy because they don’t work any more.

Citing nothing more than a few polls out of context, and some leftist opinion columns, communist China’s state-run Global Times argued that the US and other western allies have handled the pandemic badly, and therefore people in those countries are abandoning the idea of freedom.

“Some American people have been proud to promote the American values of democracy and freedom to the world. But now, they find this does not work anymore because the world has changed,” the CCP run paper suggested.

“The so-called American values have deceived American people as well as the world. Now, the US’ values are much too vulnerable, and the country’s global leadership is declining,” it further claims.

The Communist propaganda piece then attempted to conflate ‘social division’ in the US with the ‘stagnation’ of freedom.

“At present, the US is unable to resolve its domestic problems including the raging epidemic, racial discrimination, social division and confrontation between political parties. Washington is trying to divert domestic resentment to the outside. This is a sign of the US’ stagnation and its further decline,” the piece states.

Chinese Propaganda Unrelenting To Destroy America Forever

“The US used to be a model for many countries to follow. It was also a country that many students worldwide yearned for. But now, the most powerful country is fragile and chaotic, constantly disrupting social order. (No, these are paid anarchists by George Soros, other globalists and China.) The Trump administration seems to be the biggest factor behind such changes,” the article also claims.

While pointing the finger at Trump, the communist drivel also claimed that “another similar politician would assume high office sooner or later” and that the US cannot handle the glory of globalization.

“With globalization worsening various woes in American society, the U.S. will eventually take off its hypocritical moral mask and reveal its true nature,” the piece declares, adding that “The U.S. does not want to spend a relatively long time to adapt to globalization. It hopes to adopt direct and rampant measures to prevent other countries from making progress and taking the lead.”

In that chilling sentence alone, Chinese state media admits that the communist state has NO MORALS, and postulates that eventually the US will adopt its model of open authoritarianism in order to remain the globe’s superior superpower.

Reading their propaganda article is like a mirror of watching network news in America!

It’s VERY apparent to all who are paying attention and are NOT stuck in “normalcy bias”, that America is under attack by ALL the forces of globalism, BOTH from OUTSIDE and INSIDE of America!

Why is California being burned down? Here’s a hint for you in past articles why I think the DEW’s have been the cause of most of the devastating fires in California. It’s come out that the Chinese government is financing BLM.

Mainstream media (corporate) is largely responsible for keeping the propaganda flowing from “airwaves to mind waves.” The LIES spewed to the American public are staggering and no matter which poison (channel) you choose, you will get the same arsenic!

This article is being posted on the day of the first “presidential debate.” In barely one month, we will see events that will stun and shock most Americans.

When you see the “forced inoculations” and “brown shirt” forces flooding your neighborhood, or the “hordes of lawless,” everywhere, just remember that I and many others who tried to warn you, were not “conspiracy theorists,” at all, but were telling you the truth… even if it was difficult.

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  1. I’m with you Steve

  2. Steve, I’m on your side.

  3. John McLaughlin | January 3, 2022 at 11:34 am | Reply

    Yes I agree. From the covid virus, the fentanole tie with the drug cartels, the ties with the biden family.the ciber attachs, taking over our economy, they are at war with the USA.The politicans in this country are in on it. Wake up America!

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