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Chemtrailing Attack By The Globalists Continues

chemtrails over san diego



aren’t even trying to hide it anymore, but actually “admit” that they’re


(spraying geoengineered heavy metals and toxic materials) the earth in a massive plot to “dim the sun.”

Civilization is sinking in a rapidly rising sea of lies, deception and criminality. But, still not enough people even have a clue!

How many people are mostly focused on holiday dinners, parades and football games, while our “false paradigm” unravels and is accelerates exponentially?

Many science sources are now finally acknowledging that they have greatly underestimated the severity of what is unfolding. How bad is it?

Researchers from Harvard and Yale are suggesting a program that looks a lot like that

“conspiracy theory,”


These researchers are also betting on the fact that the public has a very short memory when it comes to the exposure of global warming as a fraud in the past decade!

globalistsHarvard and Yales Newest Fraud:
Pseudo-scientists from the bastions of post-secondary-liberalism headquartered at Harvard and Yale universities, published in the Journal of Environmental Research Letters a highly subjective article which proposes using a technique called stratospheric aerosol injection to fight against global warming.

Let’s consider the proposed and laughable research being put forth by the globalists run universities.

First off, there is no scientific justification from either the literature review or their own repeatable findings, located in this journal, that the concept is even valid.

The article jumps from hypothesis to scientific conclusion with no scientific justification. There is no level of significance attached to this shoddy research.

And the article concludes without scientific justification that these so-called scientists engage in a program in which sulfate particles are spread throughout the Earth’s lower stratosphere at altitudes of approximately 12 miles high.

This program of “chemtrailing” has already been going on for decades.

The article admits that the technology (ie chemtrailing) does indeed exist, but they fail to identify any program and scientific descriptions anywhere in the article.

Do you realize what this means? Chemtrailing just left the realm of crazy conspiracy theories and is now part of mainstream pseudoscience. I never thought I would see a public admission of chemtrailing but that is exactly what we see now.

The article falsely promotes the idea that this is new, when in fact the evidence has been directly over our heads for over two decades.

The article further states, and without justification, that there are no aircraft suitable to carry the particles and “developing a new, purpose-built tanker with substantial payload capabilities would either be technologically difficult or prohibitively expensive”, the article concluded, but again, without scientific justification.

conspiracy theoryWhere did the chemtrails, which fit the proposed intervention from this study come from? The researchers contend that the program does not yet exist and it too time consuming and expensive to carry out.

The article further claims that they have estimated that it would cost $3.5 billion to launch a “dim the sun” system, and it would take 15 years. They further estimate that the program would cost $2.25 billion a year to maintain over the course of those 15 years.

These researchers from Harvard and Yale should get out more often. The proof for the existence of this technology and the ability to deliver it can be found all across the earth and the frequency and commonalities from country to country are ubiquitous. All you have to do is to look up!

Come on fake science writers from the halls of liberalism and lesser learning… it’s a common and daily scene all across the earth!

The Shift In Chemtrailing Strategies”
In the history of geoengineering, the “environmental scientists” used to call the negative impact of man’s unbridled use of energy to be the cause of “global warming”.

A funny thing happened on the way to deceiving the public. Global warming was the “catch all” phrase to describe how mankind was destroying the planet with uncontrolled use of various forms of energy.

In 2008-2010, global warming researchers from East Anglia and Penn State University were caught faking data on global warming through a series of hacked emails in a scandal called Climategate.

This prompted a change in the “global warming” claims and they were shifted to the term “climate change”.

This was a thinly veiled attempt to conceal the fraud that temperatures had actually cooled.

Apparently, the Harvard and Yale researchers have returned to the concept of global in the hope that the public has a short memory of the fraud that was perpetrated on the public a decade ago.

globalistsDimming the Sun Is a Very Bad Idea:
Clifford Carnicom, once published a detailed report that demonstrated that “contrails” were poisoning the air.

This was the genesis of research on the subject of the harmful effects of chemtrailing. The issue, through notable researchers like G. Edward Griffin, et al, established this fact a long time ago and now the MSM and the pseudo-scientific community have the nerve to perpetrate another fraud by pretending that chemtrailing is somehow a new discovery that should be used to “dim the sun to protect us from global warming,” a concept that has already been discredited.

The net effect of chemtrailing is devastating. Dane Wigington states that the poison chemicals in chemtrailing have led to a dramatic increase in Alzheimer’s disease and a precipitous drop in collective IQ’s of 6 t0 7 points.

We are also experiencing 18% less sunlight reaching the earth, resulting in lower crop yields. The discovery of this set off alarm bells for many researchers because this dramatically impacts crop production across the earth.

A nagging question remains, why would Harvard and Yale reintroduce and make public previously introduced chemtrailing as fact after so much MSM effort has gone to deny the existence of these programs? And now they admit to and advocate for this program in a public research journal? Why?

I think there are two factors associated with this shift in position…

Public funding is now going to be necessary in order to increase chemtrailing to the desired level. Therefore, the concept must be introduced as a novel idea.

The omnipresent use of chemtrails must continue under whatever guise is possible. If their goal is the “dumbing down of the human population” as a form of anesthesia designed to numb people to the change that they’re being exposed to, this could be an effective approach.

And of course, no discussion of chemtrailing would be complete without the mention of depopulation.

chemtrailingCognitive disorders and related health effects are definitely part of this equation and there is no doubt that the rate of Alzheimer’s is exploding across the planet, negating any potential life-span increases due to the effective progress made against infectious diseases.

And finally, the ultimate goal appears to lie in lowering food production across the planet. Is this an attempt to use food as a weapon?

At this point, it’s an unanswered question. Researchers in the independent media need to be watchful of other programs designed to lower food production.

My opinion on these suspicions is that all of these motivations are connected to bringing chemtrailing out of the closet into the mainstream.

This issue has the potential to become the number one threat to all of humanity because of the multiple and far-reaching effects.

No matter how daunting the challenges are that we all face, giving up is never an option. Our combined efforts can make a difference even at this late hour, waking the masses is the first and most critical step in the right direction.

Don’t allow your friends and family to remain ignorant any longer about the reality of chemtrails. (Geoengineered killing of humanity.)

The globalists will continue to spray chemtrails on us until either we win or they win.

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  1. Virginia ulrich | March 24, 2022 at 4:45 pm | Reply

    Trump is suppose to say that he stopped chemtrailing three years ago. Can that be true?

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