“Think About It” began as an online radio show with two former radio guys who bring the latest issues and news out that most people have never even heard about before.

Together they share the values and spiritual standards that drive their passion to get the facts and truth out to the world.

“Think About It” is all about you hearing the facts and then breaking free from the lies to make your own reasonable choices.

NOTE: If you need to contact us, email: thinkaboutitnow@protonmail.com

Steve Allen
1217 Cape Coral Pkwy E.
PMB 314
Cape Coral, Fl 33904-9604

Think About It’s Staff Writer Jason Morrow:

Jason Morrow is a prolific writer and with his years of experience, he is able to communicate the truths and reality of what we see happening in this world today. Jason is a proud father of 7 wonderful and talented children, writer, political analyst, traveler of 48 states, Canada and Mexico, visionary, and long-time born again Christian of 40+ years and counting.

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