January 2018

georgia guidestones

Georgia Guidestones Commissioned By Mystery Man

It was a well-dressed man under the pseudonym of “R.C. Christian” who appeared in Elberton, GA in June 1979 who commissioned the Georgia Guidestones. Who built the georgia guidestones? Who was this georgia guidestones creator?…


Vaccines Lie Is Killing Millions Immune To Facts

If you’re convinced that vaccines are safe, you’re immune to the facts and you’re not listening to the people who’ve lost a child after a round of vaccines was administered. The U.S. government set up…

mind control

Corporate Mind Control Using HAARP Technology On Your Brain

Corporate Mind Control Using HAARP Technology On Your Brain…. From deciphering your dreams, to reading your mind for “dangerous thoughts”, Google, Amazon and DARPA use mind control. Ultimate control is here and you don’t have…

deep state

Jeff Sessions Is A Prison Deep State Operative?

Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions an agent for the Deep State, pushing the prison system continued buildup? Jeff Sessions has declared war on all 50 states. In violation of the 10th Amendment, he has told…

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